Why Are Gifts Important In A Relationship That Will Last

Who doesn’t love gifts? Everyone does. However, this love is slightly higher in women than in men. Some ladies seem to want gifts on virtually every occasion. Some men even claim their ladies make up ‘special occasions’ just to get gifts. Guys, forget to gift a lady on the anniversary of the first time you spoke and you will be buried in a shit load of problems. Your ladies, on the other hand, will never forget to buy your anniversary gift.

On the flip side, though most guys are not vocal about it, they do appreciate gifts. Gifts make them melt inside. There is just something magical about gift giving in relationships and this piece will break it all down for you.

The psychology behind gift giving

It’s no secret that gift giving is an important part of relationships and human interaction in general. It also helps in strengthening bonds with friends and family.

And here’s the thing; psychologists say that gift givers psychologically gain more than the recipients of the gifts. Generous men in gift giving enjoy more success with women. And women who are into gift giving are said to be better homemakers and relationship managers.

Gift giving is obviously one of the best ways of showing your interest in another. But on the flip side, lack of gift giving could signify the end of a relationship. Yes, many relationships have ended because no gifts were being presented.

Clearly, gift giving carries a lot of meaning in relationships, including the long distance relationships. But if you are reading this, you want to know more about why gift giving is held in high regard by psychologists and relationship therapists.

Well in this piece, we will go through a list of reasons for this. However, note that we shall focus more on romantic relationships rather than business relationships.

Why gifts are important in a relationship

Though love gifts are the most common gifts exchanged in a romantic relationship, they aren’t the only ones. But they do go a long way in aiding individuals to express their love and feelings in situations where words don’t seem to be enough.

1. Gifts initiate relationships and sustain energy

Many relationships have sprouted courtesy of gift giving. The gift could be as simple as a free cup of coffee as you go to work but it works magic. Regardless of how simple a gift is it can win a heart. And once the relationship sprouts, gifts help to sustain the positive energy which acts as the fuel to the relationship.

2. Prove to your partner that you were thinking about them

When you gift your partner a gift you know he/she will appreciate (e.g. these gifts for your female cyclist at home or these 5 senses gift ideas for your Mr Right), it will mean a lot to them. It will show how much you think about them.

More to this, the type of gift and how you present it can leave a lasting impression on the recipient. The right gift, perfectly packaged and given at the right time could very well have you on a clean slate.

3. Positive excitement

Buying a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend makes them feel like they contribute their best to the relationship. This only makes them work harder towards making the relationship even sweeter. So if you are looking for more excitement, more sugar, and love, how about sharing some gifts? Heck, you can even start a ‘reward scheme’ to make it interesting.

4. Helps to bring back the spark

Truth be told – even the best of relationships go through storms from time to time. How fast you navigate through the storm will depend on how you react in the situation. Rather than giving up and treating fire with fire, how about sharing a simple gift.

A small gift couple with the right words in a note conveying a message of love will calm the storm in the relationship. Within no time the simple gift will help you reclaim your lost spark.

5. Forge a bond with your ‘better half’

Gifts are laden with lots of endearing memories. These memories collectively forge strong and lasting bonds between couples. Once you receive a gift, you immediately feel endeared to the giver. The same feeling is present between a couple that exchanges gifts. The bond created will be almost impossible to break.


With all the above said, you should note that not everyone prefers physical gift items. As such, it’s important to learn the love language of your partner and offer a gift that appeals to their language of love. Lastly, put some thought into the gift you give.