How To Make Tissue Paper Look Good In A Gift Bag?

Wrapping paper can be a bit of a contentious issue – much of it is not recyclable, and no one really cares about it anyway, do they?

Using a gift bag is a more sustainable option, as at least these can be reused – but there is still the issue of concealing the present within.

Thankfully, there is a solution! Tissue paper is a great way of gift wrapping – but how to make tissue paper look good in a gift bag can be an issue.

We have a few great ideas to help you do this, so read on for some good ideas on how to make your wrapping look good.

How To Make Tissue Paper Look Good In A Gift Bag?

  1. Start by choosing your colours – you are looking for shades that complement the colour of the gift bag.
  2. Lay both sheets out completely open, and position them one on top of the other so that the corners don’t meet.
  3. Make sure the tissue paper is larger than the gift bag, to make sure the present inside is completely concealed.
  4. Use old, crumpled tissue paper on the bottom of the bag, to act as filler and cushioning.
  5. Try to ensure fronds of the tissue poke out at the top of the bag, to make it look even prettier.
  6. Use new, fresh tissue paper wherever possible, so that it looks neat and tidy.
  7. Tie the handles of the bag together with a ribbon of corresponding colour, to tie the whole effect together.
  8. Finally, the golden rule of all gift giving, not matter what you wrap it in – make sure you remove the price tag before you give the gift!

What Is The Proper Way To Put Tissue Paper In A Gift Bag?

You can, of course, just stuff it in there and hope for the best, but it turns out there are better ways to put tissue paper in a gift bag to make it look attractive.

  • Choose tissue paper colours that complement the colour of the gift bag. No one wants a clashing present that makes their eyes water!
  • On a flat surface, open out each sheet of tissue paper fully. This will give it more volume, and minimise wrinkling and tearing.
  • Line the bottom and the sides of the bag with the tissue paper, ensuring that they poke out of the top. You can alternate colours to add interest.
  • Arrange the tissue that pokes out of the top, so that it looks neat and attractive.
  • Place the gift inside the bag and the tissue lining, ensuring that it can’t be seen from outside (this is especially important if your bag is see through).
  • Bunch one or two sheets of tissue paper over the top of the gift, again making sure that it can’t be seen.
  • You can add ribbons, bows or little cards to the outside of the bag to make it look more exciting from the outside.
  • Sprinkle a little confetti or glitter over the whole thing, to add an extra festive bit of sparkle!

This useful video will take you through the steps to make your tissue paper gift bag look truly stunning:


What Can I Use In A Gift Bag Instead Of Tissue Paper?

Although tissue paper is a great option for wrapping presents, if you don’t have any to hand there are a lot of other options for you:

  • Fabric scraps. Not only is this a great way to use up bits and pieces you have lying around, it also makes a lovely, colourful option for a gift bag.
  • If you have any leftover from your DIY job, you can use it to line a gift bag. Use the prettiest scraps you have, or decorate plain types.
  • Reusable fabric bags. Everyone has reusable shopping bags lying about, don’t they? Put them to good use by turning them into bespoke wrapping paper!
  • Although this is not as pretty as tissue paper, it is a sustainable way of wrapping presents – plus the recipient will then have kindling to light their fire!
  • If you are one of those people who has thousands of scarves lying around that you never wear, why not put them to a new use as wrapping “paper”?

How Do You Wrap A Piece Of Tissue Paper Without Tape?

You don’t actually need sticky tape to wrap up your tissue paper presents – there are a great many other options out there!

  1. Tie it with string. Using some nice string will not only hold your tissue paper wrapping together, it will also look rustic and eye catching.
  2. Staples. A discreet staple in between two sheets that need to be kept together, or to seal up the opening of the gift, is a great option.
  3. Use ribbon. A bit of sparkly ribbon holding your present inside its tissue paper will add a touch of glamour to your wrappings.
  4. Learn origami. There are ways you can fold paper so that gift are contained inside, without any kind of securing at all!
  5. Twist it up. Tissue paper is very malleable, and will hold its shape when folded, so you can simply twist the ends around the present and it should stay in place relatively well.
  6. Glue. If you need your wrapping to stay in place, you can simply place a dab of glue at the joins in the paper, which should hold it together for long enough before it gets torn open!


Once you know how to make tissue paper look good in a gift bag, you can wrap up your presents well and be safe in the knowledge that the wrapping, as well as the present, will be much appreciated.

The tissue paper can also be reused for wrapping other presents, for craft projects, or for lighting the fire. It’s a win all around!