Argos Picture Frames Review

Shopping for high quality picture frames? Argos has a wide selection on their online store including metal, wood and plastic frames. You can also get picture frames in various sizes and styles.

Many of these frames are not just great for displaying pictures; you can also use them to hang art in your home or office.

What Kinds of Picture Frames Does Argos Sell?

What Kinds of Picture Frames Does Argos Sell?

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Picture frames on Argos are grouped by category, so it’s easy to find the frame you want. Here are some of the types of picture frames you’ll find.

Picture Frames By Material

Most of the picture frames sold by Argos are made with metal or wood. A majority of the metal frames are aluminium, ensuring they are lightweight and won’t damage your wall.

You can get various styles of aluminium frames including several finished in silver, black, copper or gold. If you want something more unique Argos also has a few vintage style metal frames made with iron.

The wooden picture frames are great if you are going for a cosier look for your home gallery. Most of these are made from solid oak. The wooden frames are available in various finishes including matte, black, grey, white and natural.

If you want a picture frame with the cosy style of wood but at a lower price, Argos has several MDF picture frames. These are available in several colours including natural wood, yellow, red, white and more.

Other types of frame materials available on Argos include plastic and polystyrene.

Picture Frames by Size

You can order standard sizes of picture frames on Argos. These are A2, A3 and A4. Other sizes available include small (10-30 cm), medium (31-60cm) and large (61-100cm).

So whether you want to hang up some family photos or an extra-large piece of art, you’ll likely find the right frame size on Argos.

Note that if you order an aperture photo frame or a frame pack, you will receive multiple differently sized picture frames. So make sure you check the size of each frame to ensure it suits your needs.

Picture Frames By Brand

A majority of the picture frames Argos sells are from Habitat, a popular homeware and furniture retailer that started in 1964. Habitat is part of the family of brands, including Argos, that is owned by Sainsbury’s.

Argos also sells their own picture frames under the brand Argos Home. Other brands include Bambino, Disney and Aura.

Gallery Sets and Frame Packs

There are two main ways you can order picture frames on the Argos website. One, you can order individual frames. Just pick the frame style and size you want.

Two, you can order a gallery set or frame pack. These are great if you have multiple pictures to hang or want mixed frame sizes to create a photo or art gallery on your wall. Each contains between 2 and 6 frames. Remember to check the size of each frame before you order. 

Other Types of Argos Picture Frames

  • Mirrored frames – If you want an eye-catching picture frame, try one of the mirrored frames on Argos. A bevelled mirror finish around the inside of the frame reflects the photo, making it look larger than it is. It also looks really nice especially when set on a table or desk.
  • Aperture frames – These are designed to hold multiple small photos in one frame. An aperture frame is great if you want to group similar photos such as pictures from your holiday, nature photos, or baby photos. Some of the aperture frames on Argos can hold up to 12 pictures.
  • Double mount frames – These frames have two mountboards of slightly different sizes and colours. The inner mount is larger than the outer one, creating a line of contrast around the inside of the frame. This contrast enhances your photos and creates a perception of depth to the pictures.
  • Floating frames – Typical frames have an inner lip that obscures the edges of the photo or piece of art. With a floating frame, there is no lip covering the edges of the photo. Instead a small gap between the photo and the inside edges of the frame creates the illusion of the photo floating inside the frame. This gives the photo a sense of depth and ensures no part of the photo or art is hidden. Floating frames from Argos also have a more contemporary style.

Argos Picture Frames Delivery & Shipping

The same delivery terms and conditions that apply to other Argos products also apply to their picture frames. Check out their shipping, delivery and returns policies for more information including shipping fees, how long delivery will take and how to initiate a return.

Because the picture frames are shipped from the UK, you can get them pretty quickly after ordering. Argos offers next day delivery if you need a picture frame really soon. Alternatively, you can opt for standard delivery.


Argos doesn’t have as much variety as stores that specialise in picture frames or art. But their selection is good enough that you won’t have trouble finding the right picture frame for your photos or art.

The Argos picture frames are high quality and the prices are fairly affordable. We also love how easy it is to browse the various frame options. You can search frames by type, size, material or brand.