Faux Orchid Stems & Mya Outline Vase Reviews

If you are looking for a beautiful flower and vase pairing, we recommend this combo from Contemptee. It consists of the minimalist Mya outline vase and colourful faux orchid stems.

The brightly coloured flowers go really well with the modern minimalist outline vase, creating a versatile pairing that looks good in any room or space.

Faux Orchid Stems & Mya Outline Vase Reviews

Faux Orchid stems & Mya Outline Vase Reviews

What Are You Buying?

1. Minimalist Outline Vase

An outline vase is a type of minimalist vase consisting of black wires shaped into a vase. There are many different kinds of outline vases, including ultra-minimalist ones that look more like a drawing than an actual 3D object.

The Mya outline vase is not quite as minimalist as that but it still sports a contemporary design. It consists of multiple wires in a vase shape complete with a narrow neck, a flared mid-section and a tapering base.

It’s a great choice if you want a minimalist vase that doesn’t completely disappear into the background.

Despite the clean modern design, the Mya outline vase is not just ideal for contemporary homes. It goes well with just about any decor including industrial, farmhouse, traditional and even Scandinavian. It’s all about where you position it and how it matches items around it.

2. Beautiful Faux Orchid Stems

You can certainly display the Mya outline vase on its own. It looks awesome as it is on a table or shelf. But we think it pairs particularly well with a set of Faux orchid stems also from Contemptee.

The best thing about this flower and vase combo is the stunning contrast. The colourful flowers look even brighter against the minimalist black vase. The flowers also bring out the contemporary style of the vase even more, with the long stems of the orchids blending well with the lines of the vase.

You will receive four faux orchid stems, which are enough for the vase. You can choose among four colours of the orchids: freckled pink, white, lime and magenta.

The orchids are highly realistic both to the eyes and touch. The petals are made from a material that feels like actual flower petals. Each stem is 65cm tall, rising well above the neck of the vase.

These flowers are a low-maintenance alternative to real flowers. They are also way more affordable since you don’t have to replace them every few days. With good care, you’ll have these orchids looking ever-fresh for years.

3. Versatile Combo

The balance between the vase and the flowers makes for a versatile combo. You can set them up anywhere and they’ll look good whether it’s on the coffee table, as a centrepiece on the dining table, , on your bedside, or on the shelf.

The Mya vase and faux orchid flowers are also great for outdoor areas like the patio or a balcony.

How Easy Are They to Set Up?

There’s no assembly or installation needed. The vase and flowers come ready for use. Just unpack them and stick the flowers into the vase.

Several customers have complained that the vase doesn’t come with a glass insert to hold flowers. Most outline vases come with a glass tube in the middle where you put the flowers.

Sure, this can be an issue with faux flowers that don’t have long stems or which look best when bunched up together.

But if you are planning to use the vase with the faux orchid stems, or any other long-stemmed faux flowers, the Mya vase works fine. Just make sure you position the stems in such a way that they spread out at the bottom of the vase and meet in a neat bunch at the neck.

What Accessories Are Included?

No extra accessories are included. If you get the vase, that’s the only thing you will receive. If you want, you can look for a glass insert or tube to hold flowers in the vase.

If you get the flowers, you will receive a bunch with four faux orchid stems. If you want more than four, Contemptee lets you order extra bunches at a discount.


  • Beautiful minimalist outline vase.
  • Realistic faux orchid flowers available in different colours.
  • The flowers and vase make a beautiful combo.
  • Easy to set up and maintain.


  • Lack of a glass insert makes the vase unsuitable for some types of flowers.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Note that the Mya outline vase is only suitable for use with faux flowers. Since it cannot hold water and has no base, you cannot preserve real flowers in it.

If you really want to use real flowers with the Mya outline vase, you’ll need to get a glass insert that can fit through the opening. You can then add water and real flowers to the insert, while still enjoying the look of the Mya vase.

If you plan to buy the insert, here are the dimensions of the Mya vase. It is 24cm high, 19cm wide at the base and the neck opening is 5.5cm wide.


If you are looking for a flower and vase pairing that’s unique, looks good and is versatile, we highly recommend the Mya outline vase and the Faux orchid stems from Contemptee.

They complement each other perfectly, creating a beautiful combo that looks amazing where you put it. They are both designed to last for years with minimal maintenance.