Is A Pen A Good Gift

When it comes to choosing an ideal gift, you have endless options. The gift you pick not only sheds light on your personality, but it also shows the degree of respect you have for the receiver. While you can always settle with classic options like watches, mementos, jewelry or gift cards- pens take the cake both in terms of uniqueness and practicality. But is pen a good gift? If so, who is the ideal recipient? Let’s find out!

Why Should You Gift A Pen?

There are plenty of reasons why you should gift a pen. Here are some of the notable ones.

1. Boosts Creativity

If the recipient of your gift is from a creative background, no gift will stand out as much as a pen. Even if they aren’t from the creative field, a pen will encourage them to be creative. It will not only improve their creative experience but will also enhance the creative process. You can get a fountain pen, digital pen, handcrafted pen, or any other variant of your choice. Either way, by gifting them the pen, you are celebrating creativity and offering them an avenue to share their thoughts.

2. Practical

When it comes to practicality, nothing beats a pen. So, when you gift a pen, you can be assured that it’ll be widely appreciated and used over the coming years. Almost all of us use a pen during the day. Whether it’s listing the daily tasks, jotting official notes, or penning the ramblings of our mind- the right pen covers it all. A pen will never go unused. Here, you can either gift disposable pens or handmade ones. Since there are plenty of options when it comes to the styles of pens, you will truly be spoilt for choices.

3. Meaningful

It goes without mention that the pen is a meaningful gift. So, when you buy a quality pen for your family member, colleague or loved one, you are also sending the message that you respect them and their deepest thoughts. Whether it’s your colleague’s retirement, the graduation ceremony of a student, or Christmas; by gifting a pen you are sending the message that you genuinely appreciate the efforts and feats of the individual receiving it. It also sheds light on the kind of respect you have for that person.

4. Lasting Impact

When you gift a pen, you are forever etched in the memory of the recipient. Every time they jot a though, sign their documents, or make an entry in their journal- it is your thought that crosses their mind. They are immediately reminded of the occasion where you gave the gift. So, pen, as a gift, creates a lasting impact. It evokes the happy memories you shared with the person and fills their hearts with nostalgia.

5. Unique

While many of us deem pens to be generic, they are neither basic nor conventional. Nowadays, pens are available in every type of shape, size, and color. So, when it comes to options, you are almost spoilt for choices. In our digital-driven age, the pen is indeed a unique gift. You can choose a ballpoint or fountain pen. Rollerballs are an equally good idea. Also, since most of these pens are available in different styles and colors, you can always choose one according to your preference.

6. Customizable

Unlike many other gifts, pens can be personalized according to your preference. You can pick a themed pen to match the specific interest or hobby of the individual you are shopping for. Some top options include hunting, whiskey, beer, elephant, police service, writing, or painting themed pens. You can also choose something else depending on your unique needs.

When Is The Right Occasion To Gift A Pen?

As previously mentioned, you can gift pens on a variety of occasions like retirement celebrations, graduation parties, or birthdays. Other occasions include:

  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Children’s Day
  • Teacher’s Day
  • Anniversary
  • House Party
  • Valentine’s Day

Since pens are a unique and universal gift, you can shop for them regardless of the occasion.

Things To Consider While Gifting A Pen

While pens are certainly a great gift, you should gift them depending on the personal choices of the recipient. Gifting a pen to someone who barely writes isn’t a great idea. Also, when you gift pens to individuals in specific professions, consider their tastes before making the choice.

For instance, if you are gifting a pen to your student, choose a flamboyant or quirky style. Alternatively, if you are gifting the pen to your colleagues, teachers, or parents; go for the more professional styled pens.

Either way, when it comes to gifting pens, you can seldom go wrong! So, happy shopping!