5 Gift Ideas For Elephant Lovers To Go Giddy With Excitement

Short of an all-expenses-paid safari to the jungle, there isn’t much you can do to make elephant lovers go giddy with excitement.

But you can try to draw a smile of appreciation with these well thought out gifts. They include suggestions for both adults and kids.

1. Hand Carved Wooden Elephant Ornament

If they can’t have a real elephant in their home, this carved wooden miniature elephant will do. It makes for a great Christmas, birthday or housewarming present.

The wood used to make the elephant is ethically and sustainably sourced. It doesn’t negatively impact actual elephants out in the world. The tusks are however plastic but look very realistic. The overall finish is very high quality and quite beautiful.

It measures about 19cm high, 18cm long and 10.6cm wide. It’s perfect for the mantel, bedside or just as a coffee table ornament.

Great gift for a child or adult who is crazy about all things elephant.

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2. Fred BIG BREW Elephant Tea Infuser

Looking for a simple but unique and fun gift to give to an elephant lover who also happens to love their tea? Try this elephant tea infuser.

There is a hollow space inside where loose leaf tea goes (no teabags) goes. When put in the cup, the front legs perch cutely on the rim.

It’s not terribly practical (the holes are a bit too big so bit of tea fall through and it tends to take up a bit of space in the mug) but it’s a unique fun gift they are bound to appreciate. It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

Unfortunately the elephant comes in only one colour – hot pink – so you are out of luck if you wanted to get them one in their favourite colour.

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3. Melissa & Doug Giant Elephant – Lifelike Stuffed Animal

This one makes for an especially awesome gift for little elephant lovers but it’s also great for adults who still love their stuffed animals.

It is quite big. It’s over half a meter long (68cm to be precise) and 51cm tall making it perfect for cuddling in bed or on the sofa.

It has a sturdy interior so it can stand up on its own. This makes it great as a decoration piece (make sure the recipient has enough space for it).

The outer material is polyester which feels really soft. It’s washable so you don’t have to worry about it getting dirty after being dragged around on the floor by the kids. The tough material ensures it will last long even with plenty of abuse from children.

The inside is filled with soft filling, making the elephant squishy and huggable. For kids who love spending time with stuffed animals, its perfect.

The hand crafted elephant is highly detailed with a very realistic exterior including floppy ears, a wrinkled skin and even toenails. IAny elephant lover will appreciate the painstaking attention to detail.


4. Elephant Mandala Bed Reversable Quilt Duvet Cover

Know someone who absolutely loves oriental elephants? This is the perfect gift for them. It is a duvet cover with a huge colourful elephant art set on a greyish background with an overall animal theme print.

The colours really pop out, making for an attention-grabbing bedroom centrepiece.

The cover is made from a poly cotton blend fabric that is easy to care for and lasts long without tearing. It is machine washable at 40 degrees and can be tumble dried. It is naturally hydrophobic so it dries really quickly after a wash.

The cover comes in two sizes: single and double. As a bonus, each comes with two matching pillow cases in the same elephant print and animal theme as the duvet cover.

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5. Klaritta White Lucky Elephant Keyrings Key Chains

This is an awesome personal gift that any elephant lover will appreciate. It’s not just practical, it also beautiful and elegant. The gold and white colour combo looks really good.

In terms of practicality, it can be used both as a key ring and a handbag buckle.

The whole set is surprisingly hefty and solidly built. It measures around 10cm long and the ring is about 3cm wide. They can easily show it off to their friends.

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