Is Swarovski A Good Gift For A Girlfriend?

If you are a guy reading this, here’s what you should know. Women adore jewellery. They love getting beautiful art pieces to elevate their beauty for their men. There will always be something about diamonds, gold and other precious gemstones that have ladies getting weak in the knees.

Ladies are romantic beings – some a little more than others. And there is nothing they love to do more than tell their girlfriends how their men surprised them with beautiful jewellery.

Now that we have established that jewellery will always be a perfect gift for your lady, the question is, ‘is Swarovski a good gift for girlfriend?’ Let’s find out.

Swarovski Jewellery

The Swarovski jewellery brand is synonymous with high quality crystals. These crystals offer superior alternatives to diamonds. They are beautifully cut to resemble the splendor and glory of diamond stones. And the beauty of it all is that they are affordable. The brand has a rich history of customer satisfaction and many ladies love it.

With that said, here is why Swarovski jewellery is perfect for your girlfriend’s or sister’s birthday.

1. Uniformity

Aside from the high-quality crystals, every piece is designed with impeccable uniformity which works to increase the beauty of the said crystals. The finishing of the jewellery makes the brand desirable and a beast in the industry. Actually, it’s difficult to come across jewellery pieces from Swarovski that are unappealing.

2. Design

Though man-made, the Swarovski crystals are made using an excellent blueprint specifically engineered for perfection. The crystals are perfect. So much so that every new facet created is an exact replica of the previous one.

A few decades ago, such finesse and crystal cut perfection was impossible. It was impossible to demand such focus and precision from craftsmen lacking the tech tools to pull off the job. But with current technology and skill, Swarovski pulls it off with great ease.

3. Clarity

Another reason why your lady is bound to fall in love with a Swarovski jewel is the clarity of the material used. The materials are graded and layered on every side. It is impossible to tell the sides apart. With such clarity and layering, the jewellery lasts for longer compared to other crystals. In addition, the jewellery pieces prove easy to maintain.

4. Affordable customisation

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to some of the expensive gems you see in stores, Swarovski has got you covered. The finished products are free of flaws and don’t cost a fortune as hard gems do. As a man planning to surprise your girlfriend, getting a custom jewellery design will be cheaper and will elicit great appreciation from the love of your life.

Now assuming you are sold on getting your girlfriend Swarovski jewellery. You should know how to maintain the beauty and quality. Sure you’ll not be the one wearing the jewellery, but you’ll need to guide your loved one through the steps of preserving the beauty of the jewellery. Luckily, the maintenance is simple and straight-forward.

You’ll need basic solutions to keep the shine and sparkle. These solutions include rubbing alcohol, baby wipes, and dish soap. Additionally, caution your girlfriend to apply lotions, creams, hairsprays, and powders before wearing the jewellery. Why? Well, the oils in these products can degrade the beauty of the crystals.

Here is the cleaning process

  1. Rinse the jewellery in warm water. Note: boiling water could very well damage the jewellery so stay away from it.
  2. Apply some dish soap to the crystal’s surface. Though some jewelers recommend the use of jewellery cleaners, I’ve noticed that Swarovski pieces do not play well with them. If your lady insists on using jewellery cleaner, advise her to get Swarovski cleaners.
  3. Gently brush the crystals using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Dry the jewellery before storing them in their respective cases. If you get your girl a piece with Swarovski pearls, do not use water to clean them. Instead, use a clean lint-free cloth.
  4. Store your jewellery in the original packaging. This will keep the jewellery from getting scratched.


Gentlemen, your lady will never have enough jewellery. And even when you think she doesn’t need it, pause for a moment and talk yourself into getting her some. One watch may be enough for you but a single piece of jewellery will never be for her.

Luckily, Swarovski offers elegant and affordable pieces for you to choose from. As you make your choice, stick to what you see her wearing on a daily basis. This way you’ll get her something she will like and wear often.