How To Politely Ask For Cash As A Wedding Gift?

Giving a gift to a couple who are getting married is a tradition, but things have changed slightly from the olden days.

In times gone by, couples didn’t live together before marriage, so wedding gifts were usually practical, household items to set them on their journey together.

Nowadays, the vast majority of couple live together before marriage, meaning that they have all the practical household items already!

The mos simple solution is to give financial gifts – but how to politely ask for cash as a wedding gift can be a stumbling block for many.

Let’s have a look at the various different ways you can do this, without seeming materialistic or demanding.

How To Politely Ask For Cash As A Wedding Gift?

Although it might make you feel uncomfortable, there is actually no need. Many people actually expect to give cash as gifts these days!

If you don’t want to register for gifts and you already have all the household items you need, cash is a great alternative to ask for as a wedding gift.

The best way to politely ask for this, to avoid embarrassment all round, is to state in your wedding invitations that cash would be the most useful gift.

Wherever possible, let your guests know what you will be using this money for – whether as honeymoon funds, setting up a nursery, or building your dream home.

People are always happier to give a cash gift if they can see it going somewhere useful, rather than being frittered away at the pub on Friday night!

Some websites will allow you to set up a gift list so you can see where your money is going – activities like scuba diving, mountain climbing, or snorkelling on your honeymoon, for example.

If you are uncomfortable asking for cash on your wedding invitations, simply leave the option blank.

It is widely accepted these days that cash is a useful wedding gift, so many guests will choose this option anyway, especially if you don’t have a gift list.

This short video will take you through the etiquette of asking for cash to fund your honeymoon, and show you the steps you need to take:

Is It Rude To Ask For Cash As A Gift?

In this day and age, where couples generally live together before getting married, cash is actually a far more useful gift than “things”.

Obviously there are more polite ways to ask for cash than others – you don’t have a Mafia man with a gun at the door of the church, demanding money with menaces, for example!

There is no difference between asking for cash than posting a wedding gift list – in both cases you are stating your preferences for what you would like to receive

The only thing you should NOT do is state how much you expect each guest to give. Everyone has different financial situations, so bear this in mind.

Leave it up to each guest how much they would like to give you, and be sure to send appropriate thank you cards after the event.

If you have asked for donations to the honeymoon, be sure to send the guests pictures of the things you have spent their money on!

Everyone loves honeymoon pictures, even more so when they can see that their contribution helped towards your magical experience.

What Is An Acceptable Cash Gift For A Wedding?

Actually, there is no right and wrong for the amount you give as a wedding gift. You have to be aware of your own financial situation, and not break the bank!

In general, have a look at the amount that you would spend on a wedding gift and then translate this into a cash gift.

If the object you were going to buy is an odd amount, just round this up and present the newly weds with some crisp notes to see them on their way.

Any bride and groom will be very grateful for any cash gift you can give them, so don’t feel like they will be offended if you can’t give as much as some others.

In theory, the newly weds will be friends or family, so they may be aware of your financial situation if it’s not the best.

On the other side of the coin, if you have recently won the lottery then you may wish to be slightly more generous with your wedding offering!

Is It Tacky To Write A Check For A Wedding Gift?

In this day and age, cash is fast becoming a thing of the past. It is also quite easy to steal or mislay, which means it might not be the best option for a wedding gift!

Writing a check is a perfectly acceptable way of giving money as a wedding gift, and it also means that the bride and groom have a tangible gift, rather than just finding money via a bank transfer.

The only thing you have to look out for is making out the check properly, so that you don’t have to be chased up and deal with awkward situations:

  • Check the names of the recipients – they may not have a joint bank account, so don’t assume they now have the same surname.
  • Write out the amount clearly, so there can be no confusion.
  • Date the check, so that it is clear when it should be paid in.
  • Make sure you sign it. Without your signature the check is useless, so don’t forget this vital part!

If any details on your check are incorrect, the newly weds may be too embarrassed to ask you to remedy it, so you will end up giving nothing as a wedding gift.

Final Words

Now that you how to politely ask for cash as a wedding gift, you can add casual requests onto your wedding invitations, being safe in the knowledge that just about everyone else is doing the same thing.