10 Gift Ideas For The Bridesmaids In Your Wedding Party

Your wedding is going to be a day that you remember the rest of your life. There will be many people who took the time to be a part of your special day, and they should be reminded how important they are to you.

Don’t just thank your bridesmaids or maids of honour for taking part in the most important day in your life, show them how grateful you are for them being there with one of these 10 gift ideas for bridesmaids in your wedding party.

10 gift ideas for bridesmaids

1. Decorative Wedding Bridesmaid Silver Box

This decorative silver box not only comes with a stunning pink charm bracelet, you can personalise the box for each of the bridesmaids in your wedding party. Not only will she be reminded of that incredible day when she wears this amazing bracelet, the box is printed with her name and the date of the wedding too. The bracelet includes pink beads, butterfly clips, and fits a number of different wrist sizes. Your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate the time and effort you took to give them a keepsake of your wedding day, something they can wear each day or leave on their dresser as a reminder of your love and friendship for one another.

2. Bridesmaid Keepsake Chocolate Bar

When it comes to the perfect gift ideas for bridesmaids, these personalised chocolate bars will certainly be a huge hit with everyone. Not only are they made with delicious milk chocolate, the wrapper can be a keepsake of the wedding day. The front of the candy bar wrapper can be personalised with the name of the bridesmaid, while the back of the wrapper can have a loving message from the couple, thanking her for taking the time to be a part of their special day. These chocolate bars come with a cute drawing and colourful design that will melt the heart of your bridesmaids. Who doesn’t love chocolate, just the right size to indulge while being reminded of that incredibly beautiful day.

3. Champagne Glass Toasting Flute

This is one of those gift ideas for bridesmaids they will cherish for a lifetime. This personalised champagne flutes not only are printed with her name and the date of the wedding, it is a reminder she was an important part of the wedding party. These bridesmaid toasting flutes will look stunning in a china cabinet next to other glassware keepsakes, or looks stunning by itself on a shelf or dresser. The font and style of the lettering is exquisite, a keepsake they will proudly display in their home that goes with all other collectables. When you are enough about the women who took time out of their busy schedules to be a part of the wedding festivities, you want to give them a gift from the heart that they can cherish for a lifetime.

4. Wilson Phillips’ Hold On Song on Vinyl

Vinyl records are certainly making a comeback as of lately, and when you want to give the bridesmaids something from the heart that is different than all the obvious choices, this is the perfect choice. Not only will she melt when she hears this amazing song that is sung by the daughters of some of the most popular singer of the 60’s, this is something she can hang on a wall or put on display to remind her of that special day. The harmonic melodies in this song are as beautiful as your bridesmaids on that wedding day.

5. Personalised Wedding Favour Gift Bag

Looking for a wedding favour your bridesmaids will have a practical use for? This cotton drawstring bag can be personalised with the name of your bridesmaid and has a number of practical uses. Now your bridesmaid can place some keepsakes from the wedding in the bag, your invitation to the wedding, anything to remind her of how honoured she felt to be a part of your special day. Bag can be stuffed and placed in the corner of the room as a reminder of the love you share together. This is one of those gift ideas for bridesmaids that can be memorable and functional at the same time. Each bag not only has the name of the bridesmaid, is printed with the wedding date as well as the names of married couple too.

6. Custom hair clips

Custom hair clips

While it is not a must for you to give your bridesmaid gifts, it is a polite way of thanking them for standing with you on your special day. The bridesmaid will acknowledge your efforts.

You are probably wondering, “Won’t it cost a lot trying to get a gift for all the girls who graced your big occasion?” Well, it can cost you according to your choice of gifts.

If you want to get a sentimental gift that won’t cost you a lot of money, consider getting custom hair clips. The hair clips are inexpensive but practical. You can have the hair clips personalised with the favourite colour of each lady and their name.

7. Blister prevention spray

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, then you know how demanding it can be. It is full of activities and running up and down.

There is no doubt that your bridesmaids will be involved in many activities on your big day. They will be dancing, carrying you around, posing for photos to make the day memorable, etc.

With so many activities, it is possible to get blisters on the feet. As such, you can get your girls a blister prevention spray to show you care about their wellbeing.

8. Custom makeup bag

Most ladies love wearing their makeup, even on normal days. When they have a special occasion like your wedding, they need to look more beautiful.

Therefore, you can gift them a makeup bag that they can use to carry their brushes and other beauty essentials on your wedding day. If you want to make it more sentimental, you can personalise the makeup bag with the bridesmaid’s name and a sweet message.

For instance, you can have a sweet thank you message such as,”Thank you for being my bridesmaid and gracing my day.” Every time the bridesmaid opens the makeup bag, they’ll read the message and feel appreciated for their time and effort.

9. Customised wine glass

Customized wine glass

How do you plan on celebrating your special day with your bridesmaids? Probably an after-party with some dancing.

Would the celebration be complete without some wine? Certainly not.

It would be great to pop some wine with your besties as you bid goodbye to singlehood. Thus, if you are wondering what gift you can get your girls on that day, think of giving them some wine glasses.

You can also customise the wine glasses with each bridesmaid’s names to add flavour to the gift. The customisation makes it more sentimental.

10. Bridesmaid robes and slippers

On the morning of your wedding day, you and your bridesmaids will be very busy with activities. You will be preoccupied with taking a bath, putting on your makeup, and so on.

It would be hectic trying to carry out all the activities while in your wedding gown or bridesmaids’ clothes. It would also be an excellent idea to avoid your high heels in the morning while preparing.

Therefore, you can get your bridesmaids some robes and slippers that they can use during the preparation. The gifts are practical as they can continue using them even after the wedding.