What Is A Good Gift For 40th Wedding Anniversary?

A wedding is a special occasion but its anniversary is even more special. Given that most marriages barely last a decade, a gift is deserved for couples marking their ruby wedding anniversary. So, what is a good gift for 40th wedding anniversary?

It depends on who the recipient is. I have covered gifts you can give to the love of your life and others that you can give to couples marking their 40th wedding anniversary.

What’s important is that the gift carries value and is practical for the recipient. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive but should be precious and timely.

Good gifts for her for 40th anniversary

Below are gift ideas for the special woman in your life:

1. Diamond pendant necklace

Diamond pendant necklace

You have been living with the love of your life for four decades. So, she deserves a valuable piece in a jewellery collection, and there is nothing more appropriate than a diamond pendant necklace.

A diamond pendant necklace will glorify her beauty when she goes out. It is the perfect accessory to add glamour to her outfit and give her a timeless, stylish look.

2. Personalised bangle bracelet

After getting her a diamond pendant necklace, nothing stops you from giving her a bangle bracelet. You need to personalise it with your love notes to help her remember your forty years of happy living.

This unique gift idea requires you to engrave your handwriting in the bracelet to give it an intimate feel. You can have such a bracelet custom-made for your special lady on platforms such as Etsy.

3. Hand-knit Blanket

Are you looking for something cosy and practical for her? How about you get her a thick, hand-knit blanket? You can even personalise it with her name or something related to your 40th wedding anniversary.

You have to be particular with the colour choice to ensure that you pick her favourite. If you are handy, there are video tutorials online for making hand-knit blankets that you can use.

Good gifts for him for 40th anniversary

These gift ideas are perfect for the special man in your life who’s celebrating 40 years of marriage:

1. Personalised glass or mug

Personalized glass or mug

Your man can enjoy taking wine or juice in a glass customised with his name, image, or a special love message. The same goes for the mug. So consider getting him this timely 40th wedding anniversary gift.
When it comes to the design, size, and colour of the glass or mug, it all depends on your preference. You can never go wrong with this gift.

2. Printed watch case

Your husband probably has a dozen watches and so getting him another watch during your 40th wedding anniversary may not be the brightest idea.

How about you get him a watch case? To make it exceptional, have the watch case printed with a love message or just the ‘happy 40th-anniversary’ message.

Amazon has some beautiful watch cases that you can have imprinted with your special message.

3. Personalised key chain

Help your man carry his keys fashionably and securely by getting him a personalised keychain. You can have the keychain engraved with a love message, a famous quote, or his name.

Generally, a keychain is an affordable gift that you can turn into a sentimental one if you personalise it.

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Good gifts for them for 40th anniversary

Here are gift ideas for couples marking their ruby wedding anniversary:

1. 40th-anniversary photo frame or album

A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words. For couples, looking at images of time spent together only strengthens their marital bond.

To help them collect all memories in one place, consider getting them a 40th anniversary-themed photo album or frame. You can even go to the extent of having the gift printed with a beautiful image of the couple.

2. Personalised plates

Plates are probably the most used kitchen supplies. So, you can be sure that the couple will either use your gift daily or hang them somewhere as a decoration.

To ensure that the plates carry sentimental value, consider having them personalised with a photo of the couple and an accompanying congratulatory message.

3. 40th anniversary printed pillowcases

Are you looking to spike a romantic feel? Then there is no practical way to do it other than getting 40th-anniversary pillowcases for your couple friends.

You can pick the colour of the pillowcases and prints depending on the taste of the couple. Plus, you can even get them an accompanying bed sheet.

4. Ruby wall clock

A clock is something that a couple will always look at all times and find value in. And if you pick one with a 40th-anniversary theme, the couple will cherish it even more.

Online, there are so many stores that sell such wall clocks, and you can pick whatever suits your style.

Staying married for 40 good years is no small milestone. It can only be celebrated with a perfect gift, and that’s where the above list comes in handy. So, make your choice and get to turn someone’s ruby wedding anniversary into an unforgettable event.


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