What Is A Good Gift For A Police Officer?

Birthday parties, graduations, and even retirement are all excellent opportunities to gift the men in blue. But, the question is, ‘what is a good gift for a police officer?’

Being a police officer is one of the toughest professions to get into. Imagine having to run after gun-toting robbers and other criminals, being called to collect dead bodies, dealing with violent demonstrators, etc.

Police officers struggle a lot to maintain peace and order. Showing them love and appreciation goes a long way in keeping them sane.

Ordinarily, it would be best if you brainstormed to get a gift that will resonate with the receiver. When you want to get a gift for a police officer, you need to put more thought into it.

So, which gift can you get a police officer?

There are several gifts that you can consider for a police officer. If you need a little inspiration, here are some ideas you should consider.

Gift ideas for a police officer

1. Gun mug

The life of a police officer doesn’t have to be that serious, after all. Is your brother, son, sister, father, or friend a police officer? You can get them a gift that makes them happy.

A gun mug is a perfect gift that would make them excited and happy. It resonates with the officer as it has a pistol-like handle. It keeps the tea/coffee hot, and it is big enough.

2. Cop jokes pocket guide

The life of a police officer is filled with uncertainty, distress, and some really disheartening times.

So, why not get them a gift that will help them forget the hard times and have a hearty laugh.

A cop jokes pocket guide contains jokes that keep the officers happy. Now and then, they can take a look at the manual and have a few moments of laughter.

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4. Folding knife

Your police brother or friend faces a lot of danger and threats while on duty. The officer should, therefore, be ready for any eventuality at all times.

A folding knife is a perfect gift for an officer. The folding knife can fit in the pocket and can be hidden in any other place. It comes in handy should they ever need to defend themselves.

5. Handcuff boxers

Your romantic life with your police officer husband or boyfriend doesn’t have to die. You can rekindle the love by getting him a pair of boxers.

The picture of the handcuffs on the boxer makes them feel you appreciate their work, and they are sure to respond in a friendly way.

6. RFID blocking leather wallet

It is paramount for the police officer to keep their identities secure. Otherwise, if criminals get access to their identity, they might use it in criminal activities.

The wallet features an RFID blocking technology so that criminals cannot scan the officer’s chip cards. It is also large enough to carry other documents such as credit cards and IDs. It is versatile and ideal for travelling as well.

7. Customised mug

Customized mug

If the officer loves their coffee or tea, you can get them a customised mug.

You can customise the mug with a photo or a personalised message. A hilarious message would work to light up the officer’s day. You can be sure the cup will be in use at all times as long as it makes them happy.

A dishwasher-safe cup would be an added advantage. The officer may not have the luxury of time to wash the cup.

8. Doughnut mug

It is an open secret that police officers love doughnuts. They spend their free time enjoying doughnuts.

However, doughnuts can make them add some weight, which may not be healthy.

You can joke about the fact by getting them a doughnut mug. It looks like a doughnut and won’t make them add weight.

9. Digital voice recorder

A digital voice recorder is an excellent gift that will help the officer in their line of duty. They can use the recorder to record voices and listen to them later.

They can also save the audio record in their PC or laptop for further analysis.

10. Socks


Sometimes we spend too much energy thinking of a perfect gift for someone special. We forget that the essential things in life also make excellent gift ideas.

Why not get your friend or loved one a pair of policeman socks? It will make him feel appreciated and loved. You can have a message on the socks such as brave, heroic, courageous, and community-minded.

Whichever gift you choose for the police officer, ensure it makes them feel appreciated and loved. Police officers deal with stressful situations, and they work under a lot of pressure. The gift you give them should lighten up their world and forget the stressful working environment.


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