What Is A Good Gift For A Preschool Teacher?

Choosing a gift for a preschool teacher is no mean fete. It gets even worse if the recipient is your child’s teacher. You certainly don’t know the teacher too well, and you might be unsure of what they would and wouldn’t like.

Whether the holidays are around the corner, or you simply want to show some appreciation, you’ll find yourself wondering, ‘what is a good gift for a preschool teacher?’

The teacher, just like any other person, would love to feel appreciated. Don’t forget that they spend most of their days running after 4-year old kids.

So, when choosing the ideal gift for them, you must add some heartfelt warmth and a personal touch.

Well, if you are stuck on what to get your preschooler’s teacher, here are some ideas to boost your creativity

6 Gift suggestions for a preschool teacher

Getting the perfect gift can be quite challenging. On the one hand, you want to remain professional and not cross any boundaries. On the other, you want to get them something heartfelt that they will love.

How do you go about it, then?

The safest option for you would be to get some school supplies. While these will come in handy, they probably have a lot of those, and it doesn’t quite add the personal touch.

Well, if you are looking to wow the preschool teacher, why not try getting them one of these gifts?

1. A handwritten note


Yes, a handwritten note may be a better gift than a set of coloured markers.

Every day, the teacher has to put up with the kids’ energy. Let’s be honest; two or three of your kids can be quite a handful. Now, imagine having to deal with twenty or so of them, all of the same age!

A handwritten note expressing your gratitude could be all that the teacher needs to brighten them up after a tough day.

2. A gift card

You don’t have to go crazy thinking of the best gift. Simply get a gift card for the teacher, and they’ll definitely appreciate it.

There are different kinds of gift cards that you could go for. Are the holidays approaching? Get them a store gift card, so they could get some shopping done.

Perhaps their birthday is approaching. A spa gift card would be just what they need for a relaxing weekend.

Adding a personalised note to the gift card will certainly be a welcome addition.

3. A personalised notebook


A preschool teacher has to keep up with lots of things in their life. They will undoubtedly need a notebook or two to keep things in order.

You can have a notebook personalised for them. You could, for example, have the teacher’s name and a picture of the class imprinted on the cover.

Another excellent idea would be to rally together the other parents and have everyone write some lovely words in the notebook.

4. A scrapbook

No matter how tiring the job is, every preschool teacher absolutely loves the kids. An ideal gift, therefore, would incorporate the kids as well.

You could talk to the other parents and come up with a scrapbook for the teacher. The teacher has probably taken photos with the kids in school, so the book would ideally have a collection of those.

You could also have the kids do some drawings and paintings and include them in the book. Have them also sign off their names so the teacher would know who did what.

5. Kids’ game kit

One of the most daunting tasks the teacher has to complete each day is coming up with ways to entertain the kids. So, why not make it easier for them to do so?

Source around for an interactive game kit that the teacher can use during class. If you can, get one that allows as many children to play at a time.

This way, the teacher gets a new way to engage the kids, and the game could serve as an excellent bonding time for them.

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6. A laminator

Before you scoff at this suggestion, think about how much easier you would be making the teacher’s work.

Preschoolers are visual learners, and there’s a high chance that the teacher has to make printouts for them. Between the tearing and misplacing, the teacher probably has to print several copies each week.

A laminator will help the teacher preserve the printouts for longer. Not only does this help make their work easier, but it is also eco-friendly.

When choosing a gift for a preschool teacher, be sure to put some thought into it. The gift should either make them feel appreciated or make their work easier. After all, dealing with 4-year old kids all day is already hard enough.

Just as is the case with gifting anyone else, adding a personal touch to the gift will score you some points. Better still, have your kid add some input to the present so the teacher can always remember them!


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