5 Creative And Funny Gift Ideas For New Or Expectant Dads

One thing for certain is that there is no shortage of gift ideas for that soon-to-be mother. The dads deserve some attention too, and this list of gift ideas for that new or expectant father will help you to easily make short work of this. Buying for guys in general can be difficult, but once you add a child into the mix, the opportunities are literally endless when it comes to gift ideas.

Our gift ideas for new dads

Have a look at these five not only creative and funny but also versatile and useful gifts that any new or expectant father will certainly enjoy:

1. The New Dad’s Survival Guide

Guys love to work on new projects and build things with detailed instructions, but raising a baby is something out of their comfort zone. Luckily, the baby now comes with a detailed set of instructions that will allow that new or expectant father to stay one step ahead of their baby.

This survival guide is packed with useful information that will help the new father to glide through the child’s first year without worry.

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gift ideas for expectant dads

2. Original Baby Carrier

The sleek new baby carrier is a perfect gift idea for that new dad who is always on the move. Whether taking long walks through the park, doing several chores outside, or working out in the yard, the baby carrier allows the new dad to always be close to their new child.

The carrier is simple to put on and take off, has several adjustments for that perfect fit, and provides the baby back, hips, and head support. Depending what dad is doing, the baby can face front or back.

This is the perfect gift idea for the dad who stays home and wants to do some chores around the house without leaving the baby alone in the crib or playpen too.

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best gift ideas for new dads

3. Daddy Earplugs

Now we aren’t saying the new baby is going to be screaming a lot, but new dads might not be ready for the amount of increased noise around the house.

Stay-at-home-dads especially will be still trying to conduct business in their office or concentrate of work they bring home, and these earplugs are the perfect gift idea. The earplugs are excellent for blocking noise so dad can grab some sleep and recharge his battery and then get back to spending time with the new addition to the family.

When it is mummy’s turn to take care of the baby, daddy can put in his new earplugs and drift away easily.

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gift ideas for a new dad from wife

4. Funny Father Book

Raising a new baby is serious business, but every now and then dad needs to kick back and look at how his life has changed in a funny way.

He might not even be aware of all the little changes in his home life that are about to happen, so this funny little book not only gives him a little insight. It pokes fun at dad in a light-hearted way that will give him plenty of laughs at the content and how his world is changing.

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gift ideas for a new dad

5. Silly Dad T-shirt

This new dad is probably so excited to be a new father that he can not keep it to himself. Every chance he has, this expectant father is telling the world about the new addition to his family.

Why not make his life just that much easier by getting him the gift that keeps on giving. The “going to be a daddy” t-shirt lets the shirt do all the talking wherever dad may be. Just imagine all that added attention he is going to be getting as everyone within eye shot of that shirt will be showering him with attention.

Available in many colours and sizes, here is a great gift idea for that proud daddy-to-be.

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gift ideas for new fathers

Now you have a good idea what man-gifts are perfect for that new father in your life. These gifts are designed to give him some of the attention too, considering mum will most likely be getting the lion-share of the focus these next few months.