Top 10 Gift Ideas For New Mums (And Their Babies)

While a new mum certainly does need more than her share of new items to welcome the baby into the family, if you don’t act quickly most of her family and friends have the basics covered. This is your opportunity to really make an impression and show her you really are thinking about her well-being and buying her something that is useful and heartfelt at the same time.

If you are stumped about buying her and the baby something, consider these 10 gift ideas for new mums.

1. My Baby’s First Year Keepsake

best gift ideas for new mums

Now here is a gift for the new mum she will look back on over the years and really cherish. That first year with the new baby is full of emotions, memories, and the time moves by at the speed of light.

This baby keepsake 1st year calendar will allow the new mum to keep track of all those precious memories, from the first time the baby laughed, smiled, took a step, or said a word. The calendar is perfect for putting down emergency and medical numbers too, in case a babysitter needs access to these numbers fast.

Now the new mum will be able to record baby’s weight, height, footprints, pictures, everything that happened that glorious first year.

2. Portable Diaper Changing Pad

mum to be gifts

During the first year of having the baby, this mum is going to be on the move a lot. She will have to bring the baby to the in-laws, doctors, friends, and even work.

Rather than pack a half-dozen bags with all the necessities the baby will need on these little journeys, this diaper changing pad has it all. In addition to it being a clean place to change the baby on the go, it also doubles as a storage bag for holding diapers, creams, wipes, baby oil, small toys, pacifier, and a rattle.

This new mum has a lot on her mind, but now with this great gift idea she will never leave home without something essential for the care of her baby.

3. New Arrival Unisex Baby Hamper

new mum gifts

Here’s a great gift idea for the new mum that serves double duty as a gift basket and baby hamper. When she first gets this unique gift, it is stuffed with great items to care for the baby, like a soft baby blanket, baby toy, lotions, and creams.

The hamper also has some great essentials for mum, like massage oils, body butter, and nail cream.

Once everything has been used, the willow hamper with leather straps looks amazing in the corner of the baby’s room collecting all her dirty laundry until wash day.

4. Amadeus Nursery CD

pregnancy gifts

One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for the new mum will be one she uses the most. This amazing nursery rhymes CD is packed with all the classics, performed by professional musicians utilising violins, horns, flutes, and percussion instruments.

This collection of incredible nursery rhymes is perfect for playing softly in the baby’s room to help the child fall asleep and stay asleep.

When mum needs a break in the day to catch up on chores or rest, the soothing sounds of this nursery CD will distract the baby from other noises, allowing the child to drift off to sleep listening to the peaceful sounds of nursery rhymes we all know by heart.

5. Keep Calm: New Mum’s Manual

presents for new mums

When mum is sent home from the hospital with that new baby, excitement is often overcome by fear as she realises that she is no longer able to seek the help of the nurses or doctors, she is going to be home with the baby having to figure things out as they go.

This incredibly detailed book has all the essentials a new mum is going to need as she and the baby begin this lifelong journey together.

Now when mum has a concern or worry, she can flip through her mum’s manual and find the answers in a split-second. This book will help turn her fears into joy as she cherishes each and every moment with the new baby.

6. Ear thermometer

New mums are always worried about their kid’s temperatures. With the kid’s fluctuating temperatures, the new mum needs to be sure that the baby is not having any fever.

Thus, getting them a digital ear thermometer as a gift would be an excellent idea. The thermometer, which is kept in the ear, gives an instant result of the baby’s temperature. It would help the mum sleep in peace, knowing that the child is not having any issues.

The best thing is that the digital ear thermometer doesn’t have to cost you a lot. There are a variety of digital ear thermometers available in the market that come at different prices. As such, you choose one depending on your budget.

7. Coffee subscription

Coffee subscription

Ask any new mum, and they will tell you that the bundle of joy comes and takes away the sleep. When the new mum is about to catch some sleep at night, the baby will wake up with a loud cry.

They will refuse to sleep again, and you have to spend hours soothing them.

This becomes exhausting for the mother as they don’t get enough sleep. It becomes worse if the mother has to go to work the following day.

Thus, the gift of a coffee subscription will be an excellent gift. The mum can take a cup of coffee when they get to the office. The caffeine in the coffee will help her to stay alert and concentrate on her work.

8. Baby sleeping bag

If you are still looking for a perfect gift for a new mum, look no further than a baby sleeping bag. When kids are small, it becomes very hard to keep them warm with a blanket while sleeping.

The kid will kick the blanket away, exposing him/herself to cold. Thus, the mother will have to stay up late to ensure the baby doesn’t kick the blanket until he is fast asleep.

If you give the mother a baby sleeping bag, you help them to keep the baby warm, whether they kick the blanket or not. If you know the theme colour of their nursery, then you can choose a matching sleeping bag.

9. Help her with chores

Who doesn’t love enjoying some home-cooked meal with the freshest vegetables? The new mum would wish to enjoy a fresh meal, but they may not have time to go to the grocery to buy fresh vegetables.

Also, they may not have the time to keep the house clean and tidy. The baby takes so much of her time.

As such, it would be more than buying a gift if you help her with house chores. Cook for her a fresh meal. Help her with house chores, and she will surely appreciate the gesture.

10. Hold the baby for her

Sometimes, acts of kindness have a better impact than buying a gift. Also, it doesn’t mean that you are done because you don’t have the money to buy a gift.

Sometimes the new mum wants to do something, but they can’t leave the baby alone. It may be running an errand in the office or taking a shower.

Therefore, you can offer to hold the baby while the mother does whatever they want to do. The mother can take a walk to enjoy some fresh air, cycle, run to the office (here are our gift ideas for female bosses), etc.

These gift ideas for new mums are helpful, thoughtful, useful, and will certainly let her know how much you really care about her and the well-being of her new baby. Don’t forget that husbands also need a bit of encouragement – check these ideas for gifts for new dads.