5 Gift Ideas For Female Cyclists Who Love Their Bikes

A lot of cycling gear tends to be designed more for guys than ladies. So if you know an ardent female cyclist or just a lady who occasionally rides a bike to work, do them a favour and get them something nice from this list.

It can be for her birthday, a special event or just an out-of-the-blue gift.

1. eelo Cyglo Backpack

This backpack is made from highly reflective materials to improve visibility on the road. But that’s not the most interesting bit.

The back of the backpack can display four different bright LED signals: a standard cycling sign which stays on during normal cycling, a hazard sign, a left turn signal and a right turn signal. A remote control that can be fixed on the handlebar controls the signs.

If you know a lady who commutes with a bike, this is a great gift. It will keep them safe on the road especially in the evening or early morning.

The bag itself is big enough to fit several items including a laptop. It’s made from a lightweight yet durable material that lasts for years and is waterproof to protect the contents inside in case of rain.

The lithium battery lasts around 20 hours before it needs a recharge. This translates to days or even weeks of use depending on the length of the commute.


2. Rehook Chain-Fixing Tool

You are in the middle of an invigorating ride. Suddenly the pedals feel weightless and your heart sinks as the chain grinds against the bike.

The worst thing about the chain coming off is the mess it will cause on your hands and clothes as you put it back on. Woe unto you if you are heading to work.

The Rehook tool is a simple chain-fixing tool for cyclists. It allows quick and easy reattachment of the bicycle chain without any oil or dirt on your hands.

The tool weighs just 20 grams and attaches with a strap on your bike’s frame.

It has a unique patented design that re-hooks the chain in just a matter of seconds while keeping your hands and clothes clean.

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3. Women’s RIDE LIKE THE WIND Premium Dry Fit Breathable Sports Round-Neck T-SHIRT

A t-shirt may seem like a small gift but to a cyclist, the right t-shirt makes all the difference. All that heat and sweating can ruin a good ride.

This women’s t-shirt comes in 7 colours including charcoal, red, pink, navy blue and purple. There are 6 sizes to select from between X-small and XX-large. Make sure you know their fit before buying the t-shirt.

Design-wise, it has a round neck and short sleeves; a nice sporty look.

The t-shirt is made from 100% polyester. It feels soft and breathable. It wicks away sweat from the skin and quickly dissipates it away into the air. The breathable material ensures that heat doesn’t get trapped under the t-shirt.

It is machine washable.


4. Bum Cream by Swerve

It’s an embarrassing truth for cyclists that the backside takes the brunt of the ride especially over long distances. No matter how comfortable the saddle is, your bum will still hurt after riding nonstop for several kilometres.

If you know a lady who loves going cross country cycling or has to endure a long daily bike commute, this is a thoughtful gift that will be appreciated more than you think.

When applied on the skin it has a nice soothing effect. It reduces friction and chaffing, allowing them to cycle for longer without any discomfort. It is especially good during hot weather. As a bonus, it smells really nice.

Note that it’s safe for application on all skin types and near the genital area.


5. Veloeye Bike Security

Veloeye is a kind of bike database designed to deter thieves. There are two important elements to it: a tamper-proof sticker that goes onto the bike frame and a free app that you download on your phone.

The sticker has a QR code that you use to register your bike and add it to the database.

Anytime someone comes and scans the code on your bike, they can see whether it’s been reported as stolen. If the owner has reported the bike stolen, the app will show and the person scanning it can notify the owner immediately. The app will send location details for the bike.

A great gift for someone whom you know would hate to part with their valuable bike.