What Is A Good Gift For A New Business Owner?

Entrepreneurs are not your ordinary breed of people. For one to start a new enterprise, it calls for risk-taking, boldness, etc.

So, what is a good gift for a new business owner?

As much as entrepreneurs are risk-takers and hard workers, it does not mean you have to sweat it all trying to get them a gift. Sometimes, you can go for the typical card, flowers, or bear, and it will still work.

For a new business owner, the best bet would be to get a gift that would help them improve their business.

So, what gift should you get a new business owner? Below is our list of gift ideas that you can explore.

Gift ideas for a new business owner

1. A notebook


If you are lost on the gift to get the new entrepreneur, you can never go wrong with a decent notebook.

As a new business owner, the goal is to model and improve the business to succeed and probably build an empire. As such, every idea that can grow the business is welcome.

For some ideas, you can implement them directly and immediately. For others, they require more consideration and research. That is why a notebook for a new business owner is essential.

The new entrepreneur will record all the ideas for immediate and future implementation in the business. Whether in the car, restaurant, or plane, you will have a place to jot down your ideas when you get them.

2. A customised business card holder

A customized business card holder

Does first impression matter in business? Yes, it does.

It matters even more for a new business owner who wants to make an edge in business.

When you start a new business, you want people to trust your brand. You are most probably starting a business in a niche with several other established competitors. As such, your image matters as you try to win customers.

It is vital to have some beautiful business cards to give to potential customers and business partners. Having a stunning business card holder creates the image of an organised and trustworthy businessman.

Therefore, you can get a new business owner, a customised business card holder. You can have the business logo and name encrypted on the top of the business card holder.

3. Boss lady mug

Starting a new business is no mean achievement. It calls for a lot of soul searching, research, and courage.

If your friend or family member has become a new entrepreneur, it is only fair that you celebrate such achievements.

How about you make them feel like the boss they have become? You can do so by getting them a customised mug with the message, “just a boss lady building her empire.” Each time they use the mug, it will remind them of who they are. It will also remind them of your generosity.

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4. A whiteboard

Let’s face it.

With the advancement in technology, it is possible to have your reminders and schedules on your laptop or smartphone.

But, digital reminders can be hidden by other tabs, and you forget about them. However, it is hard for something hanging in front of you on a whiteboard to pass your eyes.

As such, you can get the new entrepreneur a whiteboard to keep in their office. It is one gift for a business owner that you are sure won’t gather dust on the shelves.

5. A happy light

Do you know what entails the life of an entrepreneur?

Well, if you don’t know, let me give you a sneak preview.

The life of an entrepreneur entails waking up super early to work. You have to come up with ideas that will put you ahead of your competitors. Sometimes, you work alone for long hours without having people around.

All those factors put together can lead to burnout and lethargy. Thus, you can get a new business owner a happy light.

The happy light boosts his/her energy and makes the brain work well without burnout. This helps to keep their concentration and energy up.

6. Portable charger

If there is one thing you cannot afford to do in business, is staying out of communication. It can cost you deals and worthy customers.

As a new business owner, the entrepreneur in your life may be involved in a lot of travelling. They may be moving from one meeting to another and attending conferences. Thus, they can find themselves in a situation where their phone’s battery is running low and may turn off.

A portable charger would, therefore, make a convenient gift. It will come in handy when the phone’s battery is low, and they don’t have an available socket to charge.

If you have a new entrepreneur in your life, celebrating their achievement is an excellent idea. If you are lost on the gift to give them, do not fret. Here, we have a list of gift ideas that you can explore. Our list is not exhaustive, and you can do more research for more ideas.


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