Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him (Boyfriend, Husband, Fiancée)

By now you already know how challenging it can be to buy a gift for that special man in your life. Now compound the issue with the fact you are fast approaching your one month (two month, three month, eight month), or one year anniversary, and the choices get even more challenging.

Luckily you can utilise the experience of those who have successfully bought these type gifts and have shared their stories for others. If you are looking for perfect anniversary gift ideas for him, the following five items should help you move in the right direction.

1. The Personalised Book of Love

Now here is something that will remind him of what brought him to this day and something he will certainly cherish.

This book is customised to illustrate some of the fun and exciting things that have happened up to now in your relationship. The book can be personalised with his name and include a cute or loving message from you inside. The poem on the back cover will feature his name and let him feel the love as you remind him how excited you were the first time you saw him naked.

What guy wouldn’t love to be reminded about that?

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1 month anniversary gift ideas for him


2. Scratch Travel Map

Looking for the perfect one month or one year gift idea for the guy who loves travelling?

Here you have a travel map with scratch-off sections that will reveal those far away places that the two of you have visited in your time together. Each place you have visited or will be visiting are marked on a map, and when you gently scratch that location it reveals the location underneath.

Scratching off the countries that you visit together can help to spark those romantic memories you have shared there and will allow you to nudge him about seeing more fun places to travel this year.

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1 month gift ideas for boyfriend

3. Two Heart Key Ring

Here is a gift that will remind that guy why the two of you are meant to be with one another.

The two heart key ring can be personalised with your names and is perfect for the boyfriend of one month or the husband of one year. Now when he goes out whether you are near or far, he will have this gentle reminder always about where his true love is and how the two of you share the same heart.

This unique gift is actually two in one because he will carry the half of the heart bearing your name, while you are going to carry the half of heart with his name on it. It will remind him each time he reaches for his keys about who holds the other half of his heart.

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3 month anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend

4. Vintage Leather Wristband

Perhaps you are with the guy who just isn’t about fancy jewellery and prefers things that do not represent higher price tags.

You can really knock his socks off with the vintage leather wristband because it has that old-fashioned look but yet perfectly fits that retro-style. These wristbands are all handmade, which means no two will ever look-alike.

If you are looking for that perfect one year gift idea for him that he can wear everyday with every outfit, then this leather bracelet is the perfect gift. The closure allows for room to wiggle, meaning if he has small or thick wrists, this bracelet will fit comfortably for many years to come.

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8 month anniversary gift ideas for boyfriend

5. Rocky Balboa Bathrobe

Chances are pretty good that every guy on the planet knows who Rocky Balboa is. These guys can probably recite the lines from the movie word for word without hesitation. How great of a gift to allow him to recite those lines in his very own Rocky robe. Designed to look exactly like the yellow robe Rocky wore in the first part of this series, now your man can throw on his bathrobe and relax comfortably at home. The robe has the classic hood with the word Rocky across the chest. Two large front pockets are perfect for the remote control, video game controller, or even a snack.

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2 month anniversary gift ideas for him