What Is A Good Gift For A Godchild?

It is a great honour to be chosen as a grandparent during the christening. It is only fair that you get your godchild a gift to commemorate the day.

But what is a good gift for a godchild?

When children are born, they go through baptism to welcome them into the Christian faith. If you are chosen as a grandparent, you should get a gift that will make your godchild and the parents smile.

Baptism is an enduring event. As such, you should get a timeless gift. One that will be relevant for the event and will continue being relevant in the future.

So, what is a good gift for a godchild? Checkout out our list below, and you will have less trouble choosing one.

Tips when getting a gift for your godchild

  • Choose a gift that will last for long. The child will see the gift as they grow up, which will remind them of their relationship with God. As such, you should ensure that the gift has a durable material. It should also be timeless such that it grows with the child.
  • To make the gift more sentimental, you can include a meaningful message on the gift. If it is during a christening ceremony, you can include a message that tells them about God. Use the message in a language and design that the child will love.
  • The gift is given while initiating the child into faith. As such, you should get a gift that will push the child towards God.

Gift ideas for a godchild

1. Money


Before you wish this gift idea away, please give it a second thought.

Probably you are wondering, for what purpose would a child require money?

Now, I do not mean giving him cash. I know it wouldn’t make sense. Right?

But what if you start an education fund for them? If they already have one, you can consider contributing some cash into it. Or you can get them a health insurance cover.

2. Faith print

What better gift to give your godchild than a faith print on his/her baptism day?

You can have the faith print framed and hang it on the wall for your godchild to see it. Get a special message to have on the print that you would want your godchild to remember at all times.

If you wish, you can make the faith print more personalised. Have the name of the godchild and the baptismal date on the faith print.

3. Personalised children’s book

It is the dream of every godparent to see their godchild become successful in life. So, how can you contribute to the godchild’s journey to success?

It is an open secret that reading widely exposes one to numerous ideas. It gives one ideas on how to solve problems and deal with other issues in life.

However, reading books is not easy without practice. It requires one to do proper time management and be disciplined. Thus, you can start training your godchild to develop a reading culture from when they are young.

Get them a personalised book with interesting stories that they can enjoy reading. Ensure that the book has a simple and enjoyable language for the child.

4. Personalised bracelet


Are you having a girl as your godchild?

Girls love jewellery, and they will always treasure their first piece. Thus, you can never go wrong if you get this as a gift on her baptism day.

You can have a cross bracelet which will remind her at all times of who she is and guide her behaviours.

A more personalised message on the bracelet would make it even more sentimental. You can also consider having her name and date of baptism on the bracelet.

5. Wooden cross

Do you want the godchild always to remember God’s love for them?

If so, you can get the godchild a personalised wooden cross on the baptism day. After that, you can have the cross safely put in the kid’s nursery or room. A special message on the cross would be a plus.

The cross will be a constant reminder of God’s love for them. It will help them to grow in faith and become strong Christians.

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6. Kids bible

When a child is baptised, they are initiated to become Christians. That is only the beginning of the Christian life. Going forward, they will require spiritual nourishment to continue growing their faith in God.

There is no better way of helping them grow their faith than getting them a bible. Of course, he/she may have a challenge in reading the standard bible. As such, you can get them a children’s bible.

The kid’s bible comes with interesting stories and photos that are children friendly. It is also in a simple and friendly language.

It is an honour becoming a godparent for a child during baptism. However, sometimes you may be lost on the gift to get them on that occasion. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming getting a gift for your godchild. Think of a gift that will help them grow spiritually. The gift should be timeless and durable.


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