5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Drummers

Wondering which Christmas or birthday gift to get your drummer friend or family member when you don’t even know the first thing about drumming? Don’t worry; we have a few great gift ideas for drummers.

Whether you are looking for a practical gift, a personalised one or just something funny we’ve got you covered.

1. Personalised Laser Engraved Pair of Maple Drum Sticks

You can’t go wrong with a personalised gift. This pair of laser engraved drum sticks is a gift any drummer will appreciate.

It consists of two drumsticks, each engraved with whatever message or name you want. You can have their name or band name engraved on one and a personal message on the other. The standard font used is Monotype Corsiva but you can request a different one.

Once you place an order on Amazon you’ll be able to message the seller with whatever you want engraved on the drumsticks.

You can also email or call them.

The drumsticks are high quality 5A maple wood designed to last long. The tip is oval to produce a clear sound. Each measures around 408mm in length and is easy to hold.

Engraved pair of drum sticks: CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

2. 123t Men’s BORN TO DRUM – FORCED TO WORK Loose Fit T-shirt

Do you know a drummer who’d rather spend their days having fun with their drums rather than working? Get them this t-shirt.

It’s a thoughtful and funny gift they’ll appreciate. The t-shirt itself is nice too.

It is 100% cotton so it’s feels really soft and light. It’s highly breathable and wicks sweat away from the skin quickly.

There are 8 different colours to choose from including charcoal, red, royal blue, purple and green.

You can buy it in different sizes ranging from small to XXX-large. Try to figure out what t-shirt sizes they wear before buying it.

The t-shirt is machine washable.


3. Senner MusicPro hearing protection earplugs with aluminium box

All that drumming is lots of fun but over time can cause serious hearing problems. This pair of hearing protection earplugs provides full protection while still delivering clear crisp sound.

The earplugs use SennerAcousticPro membrane filters. Unlike ordinary foam plugs that deliver a dull muted sound, these ones still deliver the full spectrum but without the damaging loudness.

They fit perfectly into the ear and are virtually invisible from the outside. Because they are made with a soft hypoallergenic material, they don’t cause any itching, irritation or uncomfortable pressure. They can be worn all day long without any discomfort.

A rubber ring protects the plugs from moisture and dust. They also come with a durable aluminium box with a key ring. So they can be attached to a carabiner or pendant for easy portability. You can choose from three box styles: a tall black one, a wide black one or a wide grey one.

The earplugs are really small so the box and key ring are handy for keeping them safe.

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4. Timberkits Wooden Drummer Model Kit

Some gifts are practical, others are personal and others are just funny. Other gifts are pure unadulterated fun. This drummer model kit is one of them.

Anyone with a drumming passion will appreciate the painstaking effort required to put together this meticulous wooden model perfectly. Everything needed for the model is included in the package and all parts are numbered for easy assembly.

The instructions are clear and simple enough but that doesn’t make assembling the kit any easier or less fun. It’s a great fun challenge for any drummer aged eight to eighty. Seriously, it’s ideal for all ages starting from 8 onwards.

So if you know any younger or older drummer, this makes for a nice mind-challenging gift.

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5. korpikus Drum Kit Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Sometimes it can be hard to gift a drummer. They most likely have all the drumming gear they need. What can you buy them that they don’t already have?

Well, here’s an idea; drum kit cufflinks.

Yes, these are actual cufflinks designed to look like a miniature drum kit complete with the drums and cymbal. They look really cool and will go well with most casual and semi-casual outfits. They are stainless steel so you can be sure they’ll last long.

The cufflinks come pre-packaged in a stylish gift bag, ready to gift. Perfect for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other special event.

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