What Is A Good Gift For A Man Turning 50

Is your husband, brother, or grandpa turning 50?

You are probably wondering, “What is a good gift for a man turning 50?”

Hitting half a century is an accomplishment that calls for a celebration. You may have celebrated other achievements over the years, but getting to 50 is a landmark that requires you to go out of the way.

By the time he is 50, the man has many successes up his sleeve. He has become a husband, a father, grandpa, and achieved a lot in his career.

Getting a gift for a man is not a walk in the park. Getting it for a man who has been on the earth for half a century makes it more challenging.

You have to re-think your gift ideas before you can pick them.

Probably you can ask yourself some of these questions:

What is it that the man needs?

Is there something that he has always wanted all his life?

Does he have something that would require an upgrade?

Relax, you don’t have to sweat it all to think of a gift for your old man. Here, we have a list of gifts that you can consider.

6 Gift ideas for a man turning 50

1. Treat him like a king

Yes, I know you have made him feel special all through his life. But this day requires extra effort to make it memorable.

On this day, the man wants to feel appreciated for all the efforts and achievements in his life.

After being in his life for years, you must have learnt a thing or two of what he loves. This day, therefore, calls for you to use that personalized knowledge of him.

What about getting him breakfast in bed. Yes, I know this one has been there over the years.
But who doesn’t like it?
It is an excellent way of pampering him on this special day.

You can also decorate the house, give him gift cards, send him a personalized note or card at work, etc.

2. A watch case

See, getting a gift for your man turning 50 is not that challenging after all. Most men love watches, and your man is no exception.

Over the years, you may have bought him many watches on his birthday, anniversary, and other special occasions. He probably has a collection of watches in the house.

But, most men are not blessed with the gift of being organised. His watches may be all over the bedroom and tables where they may easily get knocked off.

How about you get him a personalised watch case. This will help him put his watches in one place and probably show them off.

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3. Personalised beer mug

Have you observed the routine of the man over the years?

Let me guess.

He comes home from work and heads straight to the shower.

He then puts on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and reclines to his sofa with a mug of beer. Although you have been joking to him about the increased beer berry, he cannot deny himself the luxury.

Why don’t you make his luxury more fun and personalised?

A personalised beer mug will make him feel special and loved.

4. The story of a lifetime

At 50 years of age, the man has a lot of achievements up his sleeve. He has grown to become wiser and more productive. At his age, he is all about practicality and being useful in life.

He is probably starting to think of the achievements and failures he has had in life. He is thinking about his legacy and what he will be remembered for.

Why don’t you get him a gift that will help him organise his thoughts?

A story of a lifetime book comes with blank pages where he can record his life story. It also consists of intriguing questions that will jog his memory.

For instance, what was your most productive part of your life?

What has been your most significant contribution to society?

5. Customised t-shirt

Customized t-shirt

At 50, your man still wants to feel youthful.

I mean, who likes to feel old?

As such, you can get him a t-shirt that takes him back in the days, and he can pair with his favourite pair of jeans.

If he is proud of hitting 50, you can customise the t-shirt with his year of birth and his age. He will love going out with friends while showing off.

6. Designer cufflinks


Is your brother or husband a CEO, a manager, or any other senior position that requires dressing up?

If yes, he has to do power dressing as he attends business meetings and seminars.

A pair of designer cufflinks would, therefore, come in handy.

And who said cufflinks are only for formal wear?

He can also show off the cufflinks while having a casual drink with his friends.

Clocking 50 is no mean achievement. It is a landmark accomplishment having been on the earth for half a century. As such, you need to get a perfect gift to celebrate that landmark.

Luckily, you do not have to think so far to get a perfect gift. You can just look around for what the man likes or needs in his life. Adding a personal touch to it works wonders. Whichever gift you go for, the goal is to make them feel pampered, appreciated, and loved.


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