What Is A Good Gift For A Host Family?

Do you love travelling around the world, either for business, work, or leisure? If you do, then you would probably enjoy experiencing different cultures. The best way to learn and enjoy new people’s culture is by staying with a host family. That’s true whether you’re a 16-year old aupair, or a more experienced traveller.

If you are going to be hosted by a family, it is only fair that you get them a gift. Although it is not mandatory, getting a gift is a great way of breaking the ice between you two. It is also a polite way of saying “thank you” for their hospitality. But what is a good gift for a host family?

When thinking of a gift, you can consider getting one for the parents and another for the kids. Getting a gift may be overwhelming because you may not be familiar with the host’s taste and preferences.

But, do not worry as we got your back. Below, we have a list of gift ideas that you can consider.

Tips for a good gift for a host family

  • Consider portability. Portability is a vital factor to consider as you will be travelling for long distances. As such, you should go for a gift that will fit in your suitcase and not break.
  • Be original. If possible, do not go for a gift that the host family would easily get in their neighbourhood. The best bet would be to go for a gift that is unique to your home area.
  • Get a gift with a story. Remember, you are going to meet your host family for the first time. You, therefore, need to get to break the ice and create a relationship. Getting a gift with a story is one hack that can never let you down. As you explain about the gift, you start conversations that grow into a relationship.
  • Since you do not know the host family’s taste, do not be specific in your choice. Go for a gift that is generally acceptable for a family.

Gift ideas for a host family

1. Picturebook

When you get to your host country, they will give you a picture of their place. They will probably take you around so that you can enjoy the physical features and other landscapes.

You will get to learn their language and experience their culture.

If they will do all that for you, why not give them a picture of your home area?

You can gift them a picture of where you come from with all the beautiful physical features.

2. Card or board games

board games

As mentioned earlier, you can get a gift both for the parents and for the children. Although you do not know the age and taste of the host family kids, it is unlikely you will go wrong with games.

Thus, you can get the children a simple game that you can teach them upon arrival. You can get a game that will be easy to train them irrespective of the language barriers.

3. Home speciality

What is your home town famous for?

Does it produce the best honey, flowers, soap, or beer?

Whatever is the speciality of your home town, you can get it for your host family. It will give them a taste of the best from your hometown, which they will surely enjoy.

4. A piece of art

piece of art

Do you have a talent for drawing?

How about you get your host family a personalised piece of art. If you know the family’s social media accounts or blogs, you can visit them to learn what they love. After that, you can draw a beautiful piece of art that they can hang on the wall.

Thus, the family will always remember you even after you are gone.

5. A cookbook

A cookbook for your host family can also be an excellent idea.

When you are living with them, you can help them prepare a few of your favourite local dishes. However, you can give them a cookbook with a recipe and photos of your local dishes. As such, they can experiment with cooking your local dishes even when you are gone.

It would be best if you have the cookbook translated to a language that the hosts can understand.

6. Kids’ books

You can never go wrong with a kids’ book as a gift for the host’s family children.

You can have fairy tales and other stories from your home country in the books. The stories will interest the kids as they also expand their imagination and creativity.

Ensure that the books you get are available in the language of your host family.

7. Customised bag or cap

Getting a gift for any person is no mean fete. This is especially harder when you do not have a personal relationship with the recipient.

The next time you want to travel and be hosted by a family, consider getting them a gift. It is a nice way of appreciating them for their hospitality. It also comes in handy in breaking the ice and creating a relationship.


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