5 Great Gift Ideas For Dealing With A Long Distance Relationship

One of the issues with long distance relationship s is that no one really can understand the longing that you two have for one another, and that it doesn’t matter how big the distance, that the love between two people will endure. While many people struggle in these types of relationships, there are those who thrive, making the most of that little time together and waiting anxiously for the moment that you will be back in each others arms.

The following gift ideas for those in a long distance relationship are designed to help remind you of how strong you are, how powerful that love you share, and how amazing life will be when you meet again. These are not only idea for lovers, they work for parents dealing with kids in college, girlfriends separated by relocation, or siblings going their own separate ways after years in the same house.

Our gift ideas for long distance relationships

Check out some of these gift ideas for long distance relationships that can ease some of the hurt.

1. Long Distance Relationship T-Shirt

Long Distance Relationship LDR Valentines Day Gift T-Shirt

This long distance relationship tee comes in three colors and has an amazing drawing of the moon and the saying, “Under the same sky, looking at the same moon.” This is a great gift idea to give to that other person ion the long distance relationship, or to give to a couple trying to make things work despite such a huge space between them. This t-shirt serves as a reminder that the only real issue here is distance, and love can bridge all those gaps in time, you just have to really believe.

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2. Long Distance Relationship Mug

Best Friends Long Distance Friendship I Fucking Miss You Bitch White Coffee Mug or Tea Cup

Want to really make that other person in this long distance relationship smile, even though you are a universe apart? The “Fucking I Miss You Bitch” mug is the perfect way to show your significant other or best girlfriend you can smile and laugh about this now, because you know it is only a matter of time before the two of you are together again. This is the coolest gift idea for girlfriends to give one another when they have to be separated by distance, or sisters who have married and moved to other parts of the world. Now each time they pour their morning coffee, they will get a chuckle knowing that you are doing the same when you drink yours.

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3. Long Distance Relationship Gift Set

Long Distance Relationship Survival Kit Gift (Great novelty present for Girlfriend or Boyfriend for Valentines, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary

Surprise your significant other that is miles away from your heat with this touching gift bag. When they open the pooch, they will realize how much they mean to you, making an incredibly powerful keepsake. The items within the bag all have romantic meanings that touch at the heart-strings. From safety pins that represent a safety net, to color pencils for brightening the day. paperclips to represent staying together, tissues for dealing with the distance, and many more creative little pieces.

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4. Long Distance Relationship Bracelet

Long Distance Relationship Black Matte Onyx Gemstone Couple Bracelets for Lovers 8mm

These long distance relationship bracelets make a very powerful statement with the one you love. A sentimental gift idea for lovers separated by distance, these bracelets are also idea for parents, sisters, or best friends who are no longer within arms reach. The unique design in the bracelet is so that one has all black beads with one white bead, while the other is all white beads with one black bead. The significance is the bracelets can not be complete until they are together again.

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5. Long Distance Relationship Teddy Bear

If Claire's Not Here, Squeeze Me Instead! Love Sentiment Female Name Personalised Teddy Bear GIft

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear. This long distance relationship teddy bear is quite unique in that it can be personalized with the name of one of the parties in this relationship. The little white t-shirt that the bear is wearing can be personalized with your name, so that when the other party receives it, they will instantly fall in love with a little piece of you. Now they know that even though you are not there, they can squeeze the bear instead.

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These 5 gift ideas for long distance relationships will help to ease the pain associated with not being close enough to those that you love.