10 Silly And Fun Gift Ideas For Your Quirky Friends

When it comes to finding gift ideas for their quirky friends, many people have a challenging time because you really need to put yourself in their state of mind to come up with silly and fun ideas. Not to worry, today we have taken all the guesswork out of choosing gifts for quirky friends, compiling this list of five items they will surely find amusing to say the least. These quirky gifts will show your friend not only how much you care for them, but how you truly understand them better than anyone else.

1. Home Wine Making Kit

Here is the perfect gift for that quirky friend who loves drinking a variety of different wines. This home wine making kit is capable of making up to 30 bottles of delicious wine, regardless if you have or haven’t made wine before. This premium wine kit has simple to follow instructions, and your friend cane be drinking their first batch in as little as seven days. Fermenting takes place rapidly, and can be bottled in as little as five days. For the first time brewers, they will marvel at how exceptional that Sauvignon Blanc tastes.

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2. The Alexa Echo

Chances are pretty good that your quirky friend is really into all the latest advances in technology. This Alexa Echo gives them hands-free control to play with their new voice activated device to find information, play music, get news alerts, or wake them up each morning. Echo can easily be connected to speakers to play music on a device or in multiple rooms. The device can easily control the lighting in the house, change thermostat settings, and even turn on your stove. Just like your quirky friend, Alexa is always learning, and she will automatically update on her own the longer your friend is using her.

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3. Scary Book Challenges

The reason why your friend is so quirky is because they are happy marching to the beat of their own drum. Your friend is constantly looking for and doing things that stretches and challenges them. Now here is the perfect gift idea for a quirky friend that will help them to tackle those scary challenges ion their bucket list. “Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You”, is the perfect book that will prompt your friend each day to try and turn the uncomfortable to doable. By facing their own fears, they will be in a position to show off their latest bravery skills, all the while keeping track of their accomplishments inside the journal.

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4. Go Away Doormat

The one thing that you can say about your quirky friend is they are not afraid to show the world exactly who they are. What better way for them to tell guests arriving at their home that they are about to encounter a truly unique individual than to give them a doormat that simply says to stay away. Although the doormat does have a very clear message, it also functions as a useful mat to keep dirt and debris from getting inside the home. Easy to clean, made from durable materials, and printed with a fun message that will certainly grab the attention of anyone ringing that doorbell.

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5. Humorous Novelty Joke Mug

This is certainly not your parents coffee mug. Those who are able to read the mug will know in a flash this is not the person you want to be pissing off before they have had their cup of coffee in the morning. This durable and large drinking mug is perfect for your quirky friend’s desk at work, comes in a brilliant gift box, and screams the profanity you know your friend is just dying to yell at work. Now you are giving your friend something that is functional, but still allows them to show off a side of their personality that others have not yet come to appreciate.

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6. Human eyeball ring

When you want to get a gift for your quirky friend or your sister or brother, you don’t have to spend beyond your budget. All you have to do is think outside the box to ensure the gift you get fits them.

One thing about your quirky friend is that they don’t mind standing out with the weirdest clothes or jewellery. They care less about what the world will say about their clothes or accessory as long as it enhances their character.

If you are looking for a gift for your quirky friend, consider getting him/her the human eyeball ring. It is a perfect gift idea that will make them get noticed by everybody.

7. WTF coffee mug

WTF coffee mug

Does your friend enjoy taking his coffee at work or home? If he does, then a coffee mug would be a practical gift that he will use regularly.

The coffee mug would also make a perfect gift for them on their birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion.

To make the coffee mug rhyme with their behaviour, you can have it customised. You can have a funny message encrypted on it, such as “ I find myself saying WTF at least thirty times each day.” As they use the mug to take coffee, the funny message will definitely tickle them.

8. Real insect necklace

Wearing a necklace is cool, and it enhances one’s look and brings out more beauty and elegance. While it is cool to wear a necklace, walking around in some kind of a necklace would take a very weird person.

Would you walk around in a necklace made of dead bodies of insects? Probably not.

But you are pretty sure your quirky friend would do it and not think it’s weird. As such, you can get them the real insect necklace as a gift. The unique necklace is made using the dead bodies of bugs. Not only is the necklace unique, but it is also natural.

9. Earbuds earphones

Who doesn’t like listening to music? We all enjoy listening to some good jams.

But, it can be sometimes frustrating listening to music using headphones that don’t fit well in the ears. Some earphones are always falling off due to their size or shape.

Do you have a quirky friend who complains all the time about earphones that never fit? If you have such a friend, you can get them some earbuds earphones as a gift. The earphones come in the shape of the ear, and they fit perfectly.

The fact that they look like human ears also makes the user look funny, which is a perfect idea for a weirdo.

10. Throw pillowcases

Pillowcases are worthy additions to any home. Although sometimes they are underrated, pillowcases give the house a fancy look, especially when they rhyme with other items in the house.

Pillowcases would make a perfect gift idea for a quirky friend, especially if you know their obsession. If they have an obsession with cats, you can have the pillowcases customised with a cat image. Thus, they will enjoy playing around with pillowcases.

These 10 silly and goofy gift ideas for quirky friends should help you to choose something that the recipient will appreciate and show off to the rest of their quirky friends.


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