5 Gift Ideas For Insomniacs To Help Overcome Restlessness

Did you know that about 25 % of all adults in the UK are not entirely happy with their sleep? And about half of them are full out insomniacs who can barely grab a decent night’s rest. So next time you’re out looking for the perfect gift, why not include one or two special presents for someone struggling with sleep?

Trust me when I say, getting something to help you overcome restlessness is the best gift you could give an insomniac, no matter the occasion. So here’s a few of my top gift ideas for insomniacs – because sleepy people deserve a good knockout gift.

5 Gift ideas for Insomniacs

1. Dodow LAC01561

If you’re looking for something that will actively help your loved ones fall asleep naturally, then this is the product for you. It’s surprising how incorporating a little technology to your sleeping routine can really make all the difference. Dodow is an easy to use metronome with a light system that trains insomniacs how to fall asleep naturally without any medicinal aid.

It works by synchronizing your breathing to the pulsating light which slows down your breathing rate, metabolism, and eventually relaxes your body to the land of nod. So if it takes your friend, relative, or spouse about an hour to sleep, the Dodow should have them out in less than 20 minutes. Definitely a nice gift that will help distract anyone off to sleep.


2. Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask

As with many cases of insomnia, sensitive or light sleep tends to be a common denominator. All it takes is a little slither of sun through the window, a light bulb or the glow of a phone and you’re up. This particular gift is not only handy for helping your loved ones sleep undisturbed through the night; it’s also great for sneaking in a few daytime naps when your body really needs it.

But this isn’t you average elastic cotton sleep eye mask – it comes equipped with built in, wireless Bluetooth speakers that connect to iPods, MP3 players as well as smart phones. This means true HD fidelity right in your ears for truly undisrupted sleep. So if you know someone who is always travelling and struggling to get some sleep, this is the perfect gift to help them shut out the world and focus on their… zzz’s.

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3. The Sleep Book

Got a friend who loves to read so much that it interferes with their sleeping pattern? Well, why not get them a book that actually teaches them how to sleep well every single night? The Sleep Book teaches us how to nod off naturally while gradually resetting us back to a healthy sleep pattern to finally beat insomnia.

Making use of a mix of mindfulness along with some new therapy techniques, Dr Guy shares with us a groundbreaking five week plan to finally cure most sleeping problems. It’s safe to say these methods have seen quite a lot of success, but it was expected after extensive tests with thousands of insomniacs. So whether your loved one is just experiencing a few sleepless nights ore full out insomnia, this book will help them get the sleep they deserve for good.


4. The Nocturnal Journal

Here’s another off to sleep book that will work well for all restless readers; only this one has a twist of its own. Instead of the normal approach, the author actually dares us to delve deep in our minds and explore what it is that’s keeping you awake every night and why.

Therapy is often expensive and frowned upon by many. That’s why the book offers a self-help alternative in the form of an insightful and incredibly creative journal for anyone with trouble sleeping. This emotionally aware and engaging journal will coax out all those deep questions, frustrations, pressing thoughts, day to day anxieties and half baked ideas that are keeping you up at night. Perfect gift for the creative insomniac.


5. Alpha Aroma EO Diffuser

Here’s a gift that literally keeps on giving and is ideal for the entire family. If you’re really up for making a room full of grumpy insomniacs extremely happy and sleepy, then nothing sets the mood more than an essential oil diffuser.

Designed in Europe, the Alpha Aroma diffuser gives a modern, stylish look to your home or office and is the ideal stress buster. The diffuser covers up to 250 sq ft in a warm, calming and pleasant scent that soothes the mind, relaxes the body and makes the environment perfect for nudging off to dreamland. Combine that with the humidification and its clear no one’s waking up early tomorrow.