What Is A Good Gift To Give Someone Who Just Had A Heart Attack?

According to the American Heart Association, every 40 seconds, someone in the states has a heart attack. Seven hundred twenty thousand new heart cases are reported every year.

Seeing how common they are, it is not surprising to find people grappling with an excellent gift for a heart attack survivor. So, what is a good gift to give someone who just had a heart attack?

Getting a beautiful gift for such a survivor is an indication that you mind them, and you are in this together. If you are unsure of what to get, a bouquet of flowers and quick recovery cards are safe options.

But does it have to be all gloomy? Not at all. Depending on your relationship with the survivor, you can get a funny gift to light up their world.

If you are stuck and can’t decide what to get, here are some suggestions to help you out.

Ideas of gifts for a heart attack survivor

1. Be there for them

hug and kisses

You don’t have to overthink a gift idea. Sometimes, presence works better than having the most expensive gift.

So, how about you be there for your friend or relative?

How about a kiss and a hug for them?

We all know that some gifts are priceless. You cannot buy peace. Neither can you buy love. As such, be there for the patient and help them get as much love and peace as possible.

2. Money

Yes, you read that right, money.

Having a heart attack is no mean condition. It may end up taking a toll on the patient’s finances with cardiac rehabilitation.

Worse still, the patient may not be working until they are fully recovered.

In such instances, money support is always a welcome gift. You can donate some funds towards the patient’s treatment. That shows you mind them and want them to concentrate on recovery instead of bills.

You can also decide to settle some bills in the house, such as water and electricity bills, until the patient returns to work.

3. Adult colouring books

Adult coloring books

An adult colouring book will go a long way in lifting the patient’s spirits.

Yes, I know colouring sounds childish. But look at it this way. The patient will be spending a lot of time alone. During that time, they may overthink, which is not suitable for recovery.

A colouring book will keep them busy when alone and help them to relax. Besides, they may have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days, so the colouring could help keep them distracted when no one’s visiting them.

4. Take care of their children

Taking care of someone else’s kids can cause a strain on the finances and chores. But it would mean so much to the patient if they didn’t have to worry about their kids as well.

You can, therefore, offer to take care of the children until the patient recovers. Although they may miss the children, they will relax knowing they are in safe hands.

5. Colourful medical alert wristband

If you have a heart condition, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for an emergency.

A heart attack doesn’t announce its arrival. It can get you anywhere and at any time. As such, you can get a wristband that would come in handy in case of an emergency.

On the wristband, you can have the name of the patient engraved and the heart condition. You can also include an emergency phone number. Thus, the patient will get help fast if they get a heart attack while around people who do not know them.

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6. Heart attack survivor t-shirt

Oh, a heart survivor t-shirt is an excellent gift for a person who just had a heart attack. It is one gift that you are sure will put a smile on the face of the survivor.

A heart attack is a scary ordeal. It is life-threatening. It is, therefore, natural for someone who has gone through it to feel like a hero. A heart attack survivor t-shirt will make them show off to the world that they overcame the challenge. It will also encourage others that it is possible to go through it and survive.

7. Workout clothes

Having a heart attack doesn’t mean stopping working out. Your doctor should guide you on the best way to work out.

As such, a pair of workout clothes as a gift is a welcome gesture. You can also include a pair of workout shoes.

Having a heart attack is a devastating ordeal. Someone who has just had a heart attack requires all the encouragement and love. And what better way to make them feel super than by getting them a well-thought-out gift?

Sure, choosing the ideal present may be tedious. But, it’ll all be worth it when you see the patient’s happiness. So, why not go through the list and see if anything works for you?


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