What Is A Good Gift For A Coworker Who’s Leaving?

Your coworkers form an essential part of your work-life. After all, you spend more than 8 hours every day with them in the same office. They make some of the best companions, and you get to share your frustrations and pains at the workplace with them.

Seeing a colleague leave the office is often hard, especially if you were close. It is a common tradition to give a parting gift, but getting a good gift for a coworker who’s leaving isn’t easy.

Despite spending so much time with them, you may not know what they like. So, how do you choose the ideal gift?

If you are wondering what to get your colleague who’s leaving, we’ll explore some gift ideas you should consider in this article.

What to consider before choosing a gift

Consider your relationship with the coworker. If you were close buddies and shared a lot, you can get them a personal gift. You can even give a gag gift, and the coworker will take no offence. Also, consider whether it is woman or man. It makes a difference!

If you do not know the coworker on a personal level, consider getting an impersonal gift.

  • Consider the likes and dislikes of the coworker. You have spent roughly 8 hours with the person daily. Thus, you may have known what they like and what they don’t.
  • Is the person retiring, transferring, or being promoted?
  • If they are retiring, you can get them a gift that will keep them productive and busy after they retire.
  • Also, consider the age of the coworker. A gift that is appropriate for a youthful coworker may not fit an elderly one.

Gift suggestions for a coworker who is leaving

1. Temperature control mug

If the individual loves a cup of tea or coffee as they work, you can get them a temperature control mug.

The mug is not just an ordinary coffee mug. It can control the temperature. As such, it will keep the drink at the exact temperature that they want.

It also comes with an app that they can use in getting notifications and customising the settings.

2. Ostrich pillow

If the coworker is getting a promotion, they may be travelling a lot.

Those who love travelling would appreciate a gift that will enable them to sleep comfortably on the plane. This will help them catch some sleep and relax before attending business meetings.

Thus, an ostrich pillow is a practical gift to give your coworker. They can also use it when they retire.

3. Meditation box

Places of work can be frustrating and stressful. Your coworker may be moving to an even more stressful working environment.

Amid the stress, everyone enjoys anything that will make them relax.

A meditation box would, therefore, come in handy. It will help your coworker to relax even if they are going for retirement.

4. Desk organiser

For some coworkers, cleanliness and organisation come second to none. For them, everything must be in its place.

You can get the coworker a desk organiser. This will help to make their new working station clean and organised.

5. Gardening tools

If your coworker is retiring, they will have a lot of free time. They can spend the time, tending to their garden and flower lawns.

Tending to the garden also helps them to relax and enjoy some freshness.

Thus, it would help if you got them a wheelbarrow and other gardening tools. You can even customise the tools to resemble their previous devices of works.

For instance, if he was a teacher, you can customise the wheelbarrow to look like a school bus.

6. Countdown clock

Countdown Clock

Is your coworker going to retire soon?

If you had a close relationship, you could get them a countdown clock to retirement. The funny clock will be to remind the colleague of when exactly they will retire.

7. Foot hammock

Foot Hammock

It is always a challenge to get a gift for a friend that will not end up on the shelves and gather dust. The best hack is going for practical gifts that they will use in their daily life.

It is unlikely that a foot hammock will end up on the shelves. The practical gift can be used as a handbag, and for storing other essentials. Also, the coworker can use it to rest their legs when working.

8. Portable LED clock

This is another practical idea for a gift to give a leaving coworker. You can get a wooden LED clock that will look classic on their table.

It is also useful on their desk as it will help them in managing time. It can also display the day and date.

You can add a personal message to make the gift more sentimental.

9. A DIY scrapbook

For some coworkers, your relationship as friends maybe more profound than being coworkers. You may have shared a lot in terms of life experiences, secrets, and so on.

You may also have some secret passwords, coded language, etc.

As such, you can get a scrapbook and include all these memories in the book.

The best thing about getting a coworker a gift is that you have a variety to choose from. You only need to consider your relationship with the coworker and get them something meaningful. Ideally, your gift should remind them of the time they spent working with you and should make them feel appreciated.


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