10 Amazing Gift Ideas for 80th Birthday Celebrations

If there is someone in your family that will be turning 80 years-old (and joining octogenarians), no matter if you are planning a celebration for Dad, Mum, grandparents, or a friend, you will find some great gift ideas here. This 80th birthday celebration is not just some ordinary event, this is a monumental occasion that needs to be recognised with a grand celebration.

Here are 10 amazing gift ideas for 80th birthday celebrations:

1. Silver Plated 80th Birthday Mini Trinket Box

gift ideas for octogenarians

Here is a great gift idea for that special person in your life turning 80 years-old.

This little silver-plated mini trinket box has the number 80 big and bold where it can be proudly displayed for all to see. Once the lid is removed, it is perfect for storing a wedding band or any piece of small jewellery that holds special meanings for the honouree.

Trinket box is small enough to fit easily on any dresser, shelf, or curio, and will show this amazing person how much you truly care about them. Each time the recipient sees or uses this beautiful trinket box, they will be reminded of how thoughtful and considerate of a gift this 80th birthday box really is.

2. So You’re 80! Humour Book

birthday ideas for octogenarians

When you make it to your 80th birthday, you need to have a really good sense of humour.

This joke book is brilliantly amusing and a must have for anyone reaching this milestone in their life. Packed from cover to cover with relevant jokes and silly illustrations that will have the whole room belly laughing.

It may be challenging to find age appropriate gifts for those reaching 80, this humour book is one they will read over and over again when they need a good laugh. These fun-loving jokes are designed to poke fun at the birthday honouree in a respectful manner that comes from the heart with love, plenty of humorous riddles to last through the party and beyond.

3. 80th Birthday Gift Cup and Saucer

80th birthday gift ideas for grandma

Looking for the perfect 80th birthday gift idea that will show this person (your grandma?) how special they are?

The 80th birthday cup and saucer is made from English bone china and decorated in a summer chintz pattern that is edged in 22ct gold. Made in the heart of Heart of Potteries in England, this china set is designed with red and pink roses and green leaves with “80th Birthday” printed along the inner edge.

Comes in a beautiful gift box that completes the package and will protect your set in transit. This will become the focal point of any china cabinet or curio.

4. 80 Year Old Birthday Hamper

80th birthday gifts for grandad

This unique 80th birthday gift idea is a combination of treats, gifts, and mementos, all creatively placed in a decorative wooden gift box.

Inside this incredibly thoughtful git idea bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Chile with Best 80 Year Old in the World printed on bottle. This luxury 80th birthday hamper also includes an 11oz mug, glossy drinks coaster, mint chocolate bar, fudge from Lee’s of Scotland, Borders biscuits, Scottish shortbread, Arran chutney, Mrs Bridge’s Scottish strawberry preserve, and a jar of Mackays Dundee orange marmalade.

This luxury box is not only a thoughtful gift idea, it really is quite practical. Each time they use one of the delicious treats inside they will remember how considerate of a gift this was.

5. Vintage 80th Birthday T-Shirts

funny 80th birthday gifts

Who doesn’t love wearing a tee shirt? If you really want to knock the socks off your 80th birthday honouree, consider getting them this vintage year t-shirt.

Comes in a variety of colours, made from 100% breathable cotton, and has cool graphics that tells the world that this 80 year-old has what it takes to keep moving on down the road. Professionally screen printed design has that vintage look and feel, and reflects 80 years of perfection leading up to today.

Available in sizes from small through XXL, you won’t have trouble getting the perfect size for your birthday honouree. Not only will your dad, grandfather, or co-worker who is celebrating 80 stand out in the crowd wearing this amazing tee, they will proudly want to wear it long after the party is over.

6. Throw a party

When somebody hits 80, it is something to celebrate about. Think of all the obstacles and challenges they’ve had to deal with in life.

Think of the difficult situations they have triumphed over for the 80 years. Perhaps they have had to fight life-threatening illnesses and came out strong.

Also, they have a lot of achievements in life. From being successful parents to having a successful career or business. Thus, their 80th birthday is quite significant.

Bake the biggest cake for them. Light up 80 candles in the house. Let their family and friends come from far and wide to celebrate with them. It makes them feel appreciated and loved.

7. Hilarious newspaper front page

Unlike you, your 80 years old grandpa/ma didn’t grow up with all the news on a smartphone or laptop. In their days, a newspaper was all they knew.

In a newspaper, the headline carries the most important news of the days. Therefore, it is a privilege to appear on the front page of the newspaper for the right reasons.

As such, you can make them the most important thing on their 80th birthday. Have a creation of a newspaper front page and have him/her as the headline. You can have a hilarious headline talking about their 80th birthday and have their photo there.

Include other “news” on the page that would excite them.

8. Music box

Who doesn’t love music? When you are down and bored, music is therapeutic. When you want to celebrate, a celebration cannot be complete without some music.

Music is also food for the soul. It inspires, guides, and encourages somebody.

At 80, your grandparent doesn’t have a lot of responsibilities. They probably have retired and spent most of their time at home. Thus, a music box would make a perfect gift for them. The music will help them to kill boredom and avoid negative thoughts.

You can also pay for a subscription where they can have their favourite playlist playing when they want.

9. My life story journal

My life story journal

At the age of 80, one has a fascinating story. They have a lot of experiences and insights about life.

If it is in their career, they have seen it all from getting promotions to making the toughest business decisions. If it is in the family front, they have successfully brought up a family that is celebrating them today.

How about you help them record all the insights and experiences in life? You can do so by getting them a journal where they can record their life story. The journal can be divided into different sections. It can have sections for personal life story, career life, relationships, etc.

It can also contain prompts that will push them to write. With that, they’ll have a lot to do with their time.

10. Digital photo frame

Probably, they already have many photo frames around the house. Nevertheless, a digital photo frame will be a perfect addition to the photo collection.

One fascinating aspect of the gift idea is the technology aspect. Since they may not be tech-savvy, a digital photo frame would definitely excite them.

Family members can be emailing their photos from wherever they are. They can also share their photos from Facebook, and they will appear in the frame.


So there you have it, 10 amazing gift ideas for 80th birthday celebrations that are perfect anyone who has reached this incredible milestone in their life.

Show them you really care and put some thought into getting them one or more of the gift ideas on this list, they will certainly treasure them for a lifetime. Some of these can also work as gift ideas for someone in nursing home or for first time grandparents.