Is a Teddy Bear a Good Gift For a Girl?

Pay close attention gentlemen. The information about to be shared will change your gift giving and ultimately your romantic relationships.

It’s true that ladies never get tired of receiving gifts. If anything, they love it. So much so that some men have accused ladies of making up ‘special’ days in their relationships just so that they can receive gifts. But whether the special days are made up or not, as a guy, it is in your best interest that you gift your lady.

If you are reading this, you probably have no clue what to gift your girlfriend this Christmas or on your next ‘special day’ (whichever comes first). You bought her watches, flowers, perfumes,  and chocolates many times that they no longer elicit the effect they used to. Well, before you freak out, there is a long list of alternatives to the two. At the top of the list are teddy bears.

Huh? Is a teddy bear a good gift for a girl? Yes, no matter how old or mature your girlfriend is, a cute teddy bear will always melt her heart. To sell you on this, below is a list of reasons why teddy bears make good gifts for girlfriends.

1. They are the unlabeled girl’s best friend

It doesn’t matter whether your girl has a whole team of ‘girlfriends’ who are always around to share her good times or not. Her teddy bear will always be her favorite partner when she’s sad or happy. Or when she is missing you or weeping. Here, a teddy will always be her go-to champion.

2. The teddy will make her miss you more

Now, which guy doesn’t want to be missed by his girlfriend all the time? Any time you’re not around or when she is missing you a little too much, the teddy you gift her will be a perfect reminder of your love for her. It’ll calm her and always make her feel better when you can’t.

3. It’ll melt her heart when she’s pissed at you

Unfortunately, girls get pissed off so many times. Now it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. What matters is that she is angry with you and she will raise ‘hell’ until the anger subsides. Now, for the many times she is angry with you, wouldn’t it be awesome if her anger would subside somehow and reduce the wrath coming your way?

Well, getting a teddy bear will do exactly that. Believe it or not, a teddy bear has the power to drown her anger and put a smile on her face. Well, this doesn’t always work since it depends on what you’ve done, but for the times that it does, it’s awesome.

4. It acts as a comfort cushion

We all need comfort hugs from time to time. When we are feeling low or when we are home alone and feeling lonely. In such times, a teddy bear will come to the rescue. And here is the best part. Hugging the teddy bear will remind your girlfriend of you. So it’s not just a teddy bear – it’s a special teddy since it’s from a special someone. Your girl can also hug and sleep with it through the night.

5. It’s a cute addition to her room

A teddy bear will add value to your girlfriend’s room. Teddy bears are cute, light, portable and adorable. Whether you get her a large or a small teddy bear, it will stand out and give the entire room a pretty touch.

6. It will actualise fairytale dreams

Arguably, most girls from childhood have an innate love for fairytales and bedtime stories. These stories paint a cute and adorable picture of teddy bears. So much so that ladies can’t help but fall in love with them even they are all grown up.

7. Teddy bears sport different features

Today, teddy bears have been infused with smart technology. Some teddies allow you to save and send a cute custom message to your girlfriend in your voice. Others talk back and others blow kisses. Truly, there’s no limit to the level of cuteness teddies exude. Ladies cannot help but fall in love.


So if you haven’t gotten your girlfriend a teddy bear yet, it’s high time you do so. Christmas is around the corner; get a cute teddy bear for her this season. It will put a smile on her face and will be worth your while in many ways than one.