How To Give Money As A Gift Creatively?

If you are all out of ideas for gifts to get a friend or family member, money is always a good fall back – after all, who doesn’t like money? But how to give money as a gift creatively can be a little trickier – how do you gift it without seeming unimaginative, or as though you are offering charity? Let’s find out!

How To Give Money As A Gift Creatively

how to give money as a gift creatively

Giving money is always appreciated as a gift, no matter how old the recipient, but how to make it a bit more interesting than just handing over cash? Read on!

Put it in a balloon

Take an uninflated balloon, pop a few pounds or a note or two inside, then blow it up and present it to your recipient, with a pin.

Hide it in a sweetie jar

Folding up a note or two in a jar of sweets couldn’t be easier – and this way the person gets money and sweets – what could be better!

“Chocolate” money

Take an empty box of chocolates and fold up different denominations of notes or coins into the places where the chocolates were. They may be disappointed that they don’t have chocolates, but now they can buy their own!

Slip it into a book

Find a good book, maybe by their favourite author, and slip a note in between the pages. This means you don’t even have to say the money is from you.

Make origami

With a little imagination and some Youtube videos, you can turn your cash into pretty little decorations.

Wrap it into toilet paper

Carefully unroll the paper, then roll it back up with a note or two slipped inside. The pandemic’s answer to a great, imaginative gift!

How Do You Creatively Wrap Money As A Gift?

Wrapping presents is fun, because the person is nearly always clueless as to what’s inside! Wrapping money is harder, however – there’s no way to hide what it is. Or is there…?

  • Toilet roll. Your friend or family member may think they are receiving a toilet roll as a gift – but you will have tucked a roll of bills inside it. Talk about a nice surprise!
  • A wallet. Your friend is desperate for a new wallet, so give them one – filled to the brim with money as an extra gift.
  • “Candles”. When you bring out the birthday cake, instead of candles place a few rolled up bills in the cake instead. Just remember not to light them!
  • Take a bag of their favourite sweeties, and tape together notes to make the packaging instead. A doubly sweet gift.
  • A piggy bank. It’s rude to give a money storage option without money in it, right? Fill their new piggy bank with the start of their savings.
  • Empty a box of tissues, and carefully tape notes together in place of the tissues, so they go to blow their nose an find a wad of cash instead.
  • Folding a piece of paper into intricate shapes is a great gift in itself, but if the paper is replaced by money then so much the better!

If you want a little extra inspiration, have a look at this little video with some great ideas:


How Do I Make A Cold Hard Cash Gift?

If you have a friend or loved one who wants “cold hard cash” as a gift, then there is a great fun way to call them out on this, and make them their very own!

  1. Take the amount of money you want to give them, and place it in a sealable plastic bag.
  2. Fill the bag with water (this is easier with coins, although now that notes are not actually made of paper you won’t be damaging them).
  3. Seal the bag completely, then place it in the freezer until it is fully frozen solid.
  4. Remove the bag from the freezer, and carefully cut away the plastic from the now-frozen block of water.
  5. Present this cold hard cash to the recipient, and watch their frustration as they have to watch it melt before they can receive their prize!

This is a great fun way of giving money, especially to a child or teenager. You could present them with tools to dig it out, adding another layer to the fun!

You can make this even more of a great gift, by freezing your own home made ice lollies, and slipping a note inside (don’t do this with coins in case of choking).

Is Giving Cash As A Gift Tacky?

Cash is always welcome, right? There is pretty much no one in this world who will not welcome a little extra spending money!

However, some people are concerned that giving money as a gift may be considered lazy, or worse, tacky.

If you do give money as a gift, you are very likely to find that this is not the case at all. People love being able to choose their own presents!

If you want to give someone a present but you have no clue what you are going to get them, giving money is a very good solution.

Kids, especially, love being given cash so they can fill their piggy banks, then dash out and buy all the sweets!

A cash gift for a teenager is also a very good idea, and bound to be appreciated – they don’t always want the things that you think they might like, right?

As long as you give it in a fun, pleasant way, giving cash as a gift is always likely to be appreciated, and no one is going to think any the less of you for it.

Final Thoughts

Giving money as a gift is almost almost welcome to the recipient – but it will be even more welcome if you give it in a fun, creative way!

Hopefully you now have some good ideas on how to make your money gift more marvellous, so you can hand out your wealth safe in the knowledge that it will be appreciated.