How To Decorate A Wine Bottle As A Gift?

Who  doesn’t love the present of a nice bottle of wine? As long as it’s your preferred colour, wine can make a really great gift. However, just handing over a bottle can be a bit boring, can’t it? Let’s have a look at a few ideas for how to decorate a wine bottle as a gift!

How To Decorate A Wine Bottle As A Gift?

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Decorating your wine bottle to give as a gift can be as simple as tying a scrap of paper with the recipients’ name around the neck – but you want to get more creative than this, don’t you?

From dressing up your wine bottle to painting it funky colours, to wrapping it up in another present like a scarf or a tea towel, there are many things you can do to rev up that rose.

Gone are the days when you can just hand over a boring bottle – make it fun by adding colour, crafts and creativity.

You can go for some really sophisticated wrapping, or let your kids loose with felt pens or face paints!

However you decide to do it, decorating your wine bottle gift will bring a whole new level of joy to the recipient – and they can keep the bottle as a memento too.

Gift Wrapping

Shoving any old bottle into a gift bag is a standard idea for giving wine, but it’s not very imaginative, is it?

Start by lining your gift bag with tissue paper, and arrange it in contrasting colours so that it looks pretty.

Nestle a bit more tissue paper around the bottle, and add a ribbon or a bow or two for added fun!

You can, of course, wrap your wine bottle in wrapping paper – but it’s going to be pretty obvious what the gift is!

Stir things up a bit by placing your wine bottle in a box before you wrap it. You can even turn it into pass the parcel, and wrap this box up in multiple other boxes.

If you want to be a bit more sustainable, find a pretty scarf or a manly tie to wrap the bottle up in. Then the recipient has the added bonus of a new piece of clothing with their wine bottle too, if you go for this option!


Receiving a wine bottle that you can just open and enjoy is all well and good – but how about turning this it up a notch?

You can buy some fantastic wine bottle holders that double as puzzles that have to solved before the wine can be opened, adding a fun element.

If you are a crafty person you could try creating your own puzzle using plans you can find online – just make sure you know how to open it if they get stuck!

However, this could become a problem as more of the wine gets drunk – it’s tricky to solve a puzzle when you’re drunk!


If you are of an artistic bent, decorating the wine bottle adds a lovely personal touch to the gift.

Use acrylic or guache paints, so that they will stick to the bottle and not rub off. For an added safety layer, coat the bottle in varnish after you have finished.

If you are decorating a bottle of red, you will need to use brighter colours as the glass is often very dark, and it may not show up.

For clear glass bottles you can just go wild with any colour you like!

You may have to remove the label before you decorate your wine bottle, but you should hang onto this so your recipient can see what type the wine is.


This is a lovely, fun way of decorating a wine bottle as a gift, and it is ridiculously easy!

Pop to your local craft shop and grab a few tubes of glitter glue. You can pick up stencils and different ideas while you’re here, too.

Design your ideas before you start decorating the bottle, so you don’t end up having to wipe it all off and start again.

If you don’t fancy faffing about with twiddly designs, you can just drench the whole bottle in glitter, for a truly sparkly gift.

How Do You Dress Up A Wine Bottle?

Ok, you’re not actually dressing it up, but adding a few bits and pieces to your wine gift will give it that extra personal touch!

  • Add a mulled wine sachet. Perfect for those chilly winter months, tying a sachet of mulled wine spices around the neck of your gift bottle will give the bottle an added twist.
  • Tie on a personalised luggage tag. You can buy these ready made, or make your own – it adds a really personal touch.
  • Hat and scarf. For a great Christmas wine gift, dress the bottle up warmly in a miniature hat and scarf – bonus points if you knit these yourself!
  • Stick on googly eyes. For recipients who have a bit of a sense of humour, add comic eyes, fake noses and moustaches onto their bottle.
  • Wrap in a fancy new tea towel. Wrapping up the bottle inside another gift that will last long after the wine has gone adds an extra dimension to this gift.
  • Use upcycled jumpers. Instead of throwing out your favourite sweater, remove the sleeves, sew up the opening and use this to dress up your bottle. Add a bit of ribbon and you’re away!

This video gives you a few classy ideas on how to dress up your wine bottles to give as quirky gifts – they are a bit fiddly, but it’ll be worth it!

Final Words

Giving the gift of wine is a thoughtful present, and one that is very useful for peripheral family and friends, or colleagues.

Now you have some great ideas on how to decorate a wine bottle as a gift, the lucky recipient will be even happier to receive their boozy bottle!