Is Whiskey A Good Gift?

If you’re planning to gift something quintessentially classy, Whiskey is your best bet! Although there’s divergent opinion about the perks of it, many people would still love to receive Whiskey as a birthday, or anniversary gift. But what’s special about Whiskey, and why exactly is it so popular? Let’s find out!

Perfect blend of heat and spice

One of the defining aspects of whiskey is its excellent blend. Unlike other alcohols, Whiskey offers the most exclusive combination of heat and spice. It’ll not just intoxicate you, but also settle you down with the right dose of calmness. So whether you’re looking to gift your co-worker, dad, brother or anyone else- Whiskey will make an excellent present.

Plenty of options to choose from

Like Wines, Whiskey too is available in plenty of options. So you can always make your pick from bourbon whiskey, malt whiskey, Irish whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Tennessee whiskey and the likes of it. Each of these whiskeys are made from different ingredients, and they’ll offer a truly distinctive flavour. For instance, bourbon whiskey will offer you a degree of heat, while blended malt whiskey will offer yet another distinctive taste with its combination of vanilla, ginger spice, cinnamon and the likes of it.

Soothes and calms you

Who wouldn’t love a gift that would calm them after a busy day? And perhaps this is why you need to splurge on a good bottle of whiskey. Unlike most other alcohols that heats you up, whiskey calms your nerves and soothes you. Its calming effects have been proved by several scientific studies, and many people vouch for this specific perk. So if you know someone who’s been bogged down by unnecessary stress off-late (e.g. insomniacs or driving instructors?), gift them a bottle of whiskey. This gift will not just cut down on their stress, but also soothe them with its special brain-slowing activities.

Helps you lose weight

Although you should never trade a healthy diet and exercise for a glass of whiskey, this beverage has its own share of benefits in terms of weight loss. According to several researches, whiskey aids in your weight loss and helps you get fit faster. Wondering how? Well, it works the same way as water or any other liquid. Just like water, whiskey suppresses your appetite and curbs your hunger. So, when you have a glass of whiskey, you naturally lose your hunger. As per studies, a single glass of whiskey comes with less than 100 calories. So if you’re really looking to lose weight, this is one of the best drinks to bank on.

Helps you control diabetes

As whiskey starts ageing in its classy wooden barrels, it doesn’t just get an amber hue, it also develops ellagic acid. But what exactly is ellagic acid and how does it help you? Well, ellagic acid is a distinctive acid available in whiskey, and it controls the amount of glucose released from your liver. By slowing down the process, whiskey keeps your blood sugar in check. Additionally, since it also doesn’t contain any sugar, it automatically controls your diabetes.

Prevents cardio-vascular ailments

What can be a better gift than something that cuts down the possibilities of cardiovascular ailments? Well, this is yet another reason why you need to splurge on that bottle of whiskey. According to various studies, whiskey keeps your heart healthy and prevents the formation of high cholesterol. Thanks to its anti-oxidants, Whiskey keeps your hearty healthy by preventing the possibilities of coronary heart disease. And the best part: whiskey contains certain phenolic compounds that are absorbed quicker than wine. So next time you’re in a fix while choosing whiskey or wine as a gift option, you know which option to bank on.

Cuts down on cancer risks

The ellagic acid in whiskey doesn’t just prevent high blood-sugar levels, but it also goes a long way in preventing cancer. So if you’re really concerned about someone’s health, gift them a fancy bottle of this classic alcoholic beverage.

Final thoughts

Well, now that you know everything about the benefits of Whiskey, what are you waiting for? Splurge on your favourite bottle of the golden liquid, and gift to anyone and everyone you love. With its amazing health benefits, Whiskey will surely light up the day of your loved ones!