Is Wallet A Good Gift For Boyfriend?

Men love gifts just like women do. But sadly, most men give gifts more than they receive them. And though psychologists say that gift givers benefit more than the recipients, it still feels great to receive gifts once in a while.

But the thing about gifting men is that it’s just so hard. Unlike women, men are a hard nut to crack. Also, the range of masculine gifts seems limited (see our gift ideas for football fans, climbers, or gifts for drummers). But there is some good news for the girlfriend trying to find the perfect gift for her man. If you cannot find a gift for your man, you can always get him a wallet.

Though wallet gifts sound cliché, they are widely accepted and you cannot go wrong with one. Also, most men have a hard time getting it for themselves.

Why is a wallet a perfect gift for your boyfriend?

In today’s society, how much money a guy has is almost irrelevant. What makes a great impression is how he carries the money. This in itself will tell you all you need to know about a guy.

Most guys are aware of this fact and are actively seeking to get their hands on the best wallet to complete their ‘gentleman’ look. Though this might sound silly, a wallet will put a big smile on your man’s face.

However, before you spend your money on a wallet, you should know that they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The wallet you choose needs to be presentable, functional, and blend with your man’s attitude and character.

With that said, below are some of the common types of wallets available to choose from.

1. Super slim wallets

These wallets are considered the ‘new generation’ wallets. They are perfect for men who love the convenience of a wallet but hate the idea of having a bulge on their back pocket. The super slim wallets are designed to hold the bare necessities and are functional and comfortable.

Most modern men prefer this type of wallet for the simple fact that they do not create unsightly bulges that mess up their fashion. But given their slim design, they are carried on front short pockets. Here, they are less likely to be lifted by pick-pockets looking to reap where they didn’t sow.

2. Bi-fold wallets

These wallet types are by far the most common and are timeless. Most bi-fold wallets are large enough to hold cards, cash and other important items needed on a daily basis. They are often referred to as ‘to-go’ wallets.

These types of wallets are perfect for men who have a need for a functional wallet but don’t want to carry around oversized man purses.

3. Travel wallet

As a lady, you might feel that no man would ever want this piece near them. They are too big for life. But on the contrary, travel wallets are popular despite their size. These wallets are designed to hold traveling documents including international passports and tickets. Though a travel wallet is not perfect for daily use, it will come in handy when your man has a series of business trips to complete.

4. Phone case wallet

Now, if your man is the kind that loves to put anything and everything in his wallet, then this phone case wallet is a perfect gift. Though these wallet types are bulky, they are perfect for men who prefer having all their essentials in one place.

5. Money clip

These wallets are often never taken seriously. But despite their super simple design, money clips have proven to be indispensable for most men. They are by far the smallest type of wallet created with the sole purpose of securing a few notes together. And despite their simple design, they also double as bottle openers and knives. What guy wouldn’t love this?


So is a wallet a good gift for a boyfriend? The answer is yes. All you have to do to ensure it’s not a cliché gift is to learn what your man’s character and pick a wallet type that matches it. With the above five types of wallets, you have a head start.

And again, you can choose to have a sweet and loving message imprinted on the wallet. If that’s the case, make the message personal and let it mean something to both of you – it could even be an inside joke.