10 Best Gift Ideas For Football Fans

So, you’re wondering what to get your football-crazed loved ones this merry season huh? Unlike those other occasions where you got it wrong with a 2000 page eulogy of great coaches, (trust me, no one wants that), it’s time to get it right with gifts that are not only cool, but that also show your support and appreciation of the sport.

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From signed retro shirts all the way to the greatest goals on DVD, we’ve compiled a list of the best gifts that will blow the mind of anyone mad about football.

1. Sir Matt Busby: The Definitive Biography

Hey, don’t you dare scoff – there’s nothing wrong with some good reading. Football is not all about goals. Besides, what’s the point of leaving a legacy if no one reads about it? This gift will allow your football crazed family to get some reading in and maybe learn something new about their favourite game.

The biography is about Sir Matt Busby who created the global entity that spread from Old Trafford and took Manchester United to unprecedented fame and glory. The book looks at the phenomenal life and career of Busby, with highs such as the Wembley victory that made Man-U the first English team to Win the European Cup and lows like the Munich disaster that claimed over 20 lives. I don’t know about you, but any football-loving soul will appreciate a story of one of the most celebrated figures in football history.

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2. Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition

Here’s the second gift of the season that should make up for the deep feelings brought out by Busby’s biography. We all love a good game, especially when we can play it right at the comfort of our homes. Don’t get me wrong; any football video game is cool. However, there’s just something about a limited edition game that just screams I love you from the bottom of my heart.

The Football Manager 2018 Limited Edition is the latest and most sought-after product from Sega that will literally excite the crap out of your ball-loving friends and family. It’s more than a game; it’s a platform that allows you to try your hand at managing over 50 of the hugest footballing countries with 600,000 real players and staff at your disposal. Watch your team transform into champions geared for nothing but the top position.

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3. Football’s Greatest – 250 Greatest Goals on DVD

For football fanatics, nothing gets the blood pumping like that very moment when the ball makes it past the keeper. The sound of the ball hitting the net and the commentator bawling out goal at the top of their lungs is almost euphoric. Well, why not let your football addicts get their fix again and again by reliving some of the most spectacular goals captured on camera.

This unique and action-packed program features 250 great goals in one of the finest collections since the history of football. That’s right; you get to watch a majestic montage of unbelievable strikes, solo sensations, breathtaking goals, tactical team scoring and some of the most awe-inspiring finishes we’ve ever seen. Need I say more?

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4. Eat Sleep Football Repeat T-Shirt

You know what I learned when I started my journey to gift giving? It’s that you can never go wrong with a good T-shirt. Especially if something catchy is printed on it. This particular shirt allows you to let loose the football fanatic by capturing their commitment in a few simple words, and that’s Eat, Sleep, Football, Repeat. I mean, isn’t that all they do anyway?

This T shirt comes in a variety of different colours with high quality, vibrant and non-peeling print work. What’s more, they are made of high-grade cotton to ensure that they last longer and are more comfortable. Get the entire set and have your family clad for the game with Fancy a Snuggle T-shirts today.


5. Baylis & Harding Men’s Sport Football Wash Bag

I’ll be the first to admit that as a guy who’s always out in the field enjoying the game, deodorant isn’t always a priority. Fortunately, my wife likes to remind me about the stinky, sweaty consequences of playing ball all day by holding her nose. But not all couples are so open. So what do you do when you don’t want to tell your loving football fanatics that they reek of sweat?

Simple, get them the Baylis & Harding Men’s Sport Football Wash Bag. This handy bag is the perfect way to encourage football lovers to stay fresh and invigorated after a game. The box contains hair and body wash, face wash, shower gel and aftershave balm all neatly packaged in a ball bag for a fresh, sporty look. The great news is that the array of toiletries can also come in handy for a big night out too! How convenient is that?

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6. Tipsy tubes

Do you know the best combination in this life for a football fan?

Well, a football game of the favourite team and a few drinks is a combination out of this world. A football fan can thank you forever for such a gift.

If you want to appreciate them in your life, this would be an excellent idea.

However, it is not an excellent idea emptying your bank account while getting a gift. For that reason, buying some empty tubes is a creative idea for a drink for the football fan. They will enjoy the drink while watching the game, and on the other hand, your bank account will thank you for not hurting it a lot.

7. Roadie cooler

Tailgating is synonymous with football games. Football lovers also enjoy tailgating, especially after their team has smashed the other.

If you are thinking of the best gift that would make a football fan feel appreciated, think no more. A roadie cooler will make a perfect gift.

With the roadie cooler, the football fan can carry a few sodas, no it can’t be soda, a few drinks for a tailgate. The cooler can carry up to 14 cans, and it is ideal for garden parties.

The cooler may not be the cheapest gift option. However, you wouldn’t mind taking it for that football fan that you care about a lot.

8. Customised cufflinks

Customized cufflinks

If you ask any die-hard football fan, they will do anything as long as they are representing their team.

When they go to work, they want everybody to know which team they support and how well it performs. They want to carry the glory everywhere, including the supermarket, church, etc.

So how would you ensure they represent their team at work?

A pair of cufflinks would make a perfect gift. You can customise the cufflinks with a logo of the team they support. That way, they can carry the glory of their football team around even when they dress up.

9. Team pride light

Have you ever visited the house of a die-hard football fan? How was the house?

Many of them are full of banners, posters and other decorations that show their love for the football team.

However, with the advancement of technology, the error of using banners and posters in the house is long gone. In its place, you can use other techniques to project your love for the team.

With this lamp, the football fan will have the most spirited house with the team logo. When you put the light on, it will fill the house with the logo of the team. It, therefore, saves the fan from filling the house with photos, posters, and banners of the team, and it will look tidier.

10. Team robe

Has your boyfriend, husband, son, or brother overused that hoodie while sleeping? Do you want to upgrade the loungewear to something classy that they can wear in the morning before heading to the shower?

If yes, it is time that you got them a classy robe. To help them represent their team even in the morning, you can have it customised with the logo of their favourite team.

The robe should be soft and comfortable.