What Is A Good Gift For A Pastor?

Are you looking for a beautiful gift to give your pastor during the pastor’s appreciation month, on Christmas or his birthday?

So, what’s a good gift for a pastor? Pastors sacrifice a lot to serve your family, the church, and society. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to appreciate them with a gift for what they do.

My family and I love gifting our pastor on special occasions. However, it is challenging to choose a gift for him. You want to gift him something unique that he is not receiving from all other congregants.

If you go through the same challenges, here is a list of suggestions that you can consider.

What should you consider before getting a gift for your pastor?

1. Age

As you get a gift for your pastor, consider their age. It would be best if you got a gift that matches their age.

For example, getting them a PlayStation may just be a waste of your money.

2. Relationship

Your relationship with your pastor is not an intimate one. Bear in mind that they may have spouses and children. As such, you should not get too personal with your gift.

For instance, it would be better to get them a gift card for a clothes store instead of buying them undergarments.

3. Preferences

Some pastors have a fashion taste, and they like dressing up. Some prefer being in suits while others like it casual. Please choose a gift that suits your pastor’s preference to make it more meaningful.

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Gift ideas for your pastor

1. Office revamp

You do not have to get your pastor a personal gift. You can think outside the box and do something extra.

Everybody loves a conducive working environment, including your pastor. Thus, you can offer to make up their office to make it more comfortable.

You can bring some new furniture, an AC system, a comfortable carpet and so on.

2. Technological accessories

Today, most pastors have gone digital. Instead of notebooks, many of them are using tablets, iPads, and Smartphones. As such, a technological accessory for your pastor is welcome.

3. Car mount

Pastors are always on their phones, communicating with their congregants. At the same time, they spend most of their time in the car travelling.

Therefore, you can get them a smartphone car mount. They will enjoy the convenience of using their phone while travelling.

4. Bluetooth earphones

Gift For A Pastor: Earphones

Many states that allow the use of phones while driving demand that you should have a hands-free technique. Nowadays, wireless gadgets are the way to go.

You can, therefore, gift your pastor with a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones to use with his phone.

5. A stand for the tablet

If your pastor is pro-tech and uses a tablet during his sermons, you can gift him a tablet stand. The stand reduces the risk of dropping his tablet and damaging it while preaching.

They are also convenient. They make it easy for the pastor to check and refer to his notes and scriptures and keep track of his sermon.

6. Notebook

Gift For A Pastor: Notebook

Pastors take notes while reading or preparing a sermon. It would help if you gifted him with a notebook. However, there is a possibility they already have a gazillion of those.

Does that mean you should not gift them a notebook?

No, but you can make it unique. You can customise it with your pastor’s name on it or a funny quote that he likes using in his sermons.

You can also go for top quality material such as a leather cover that will make it outstanding. Inscribe one of their favourite verses to make it more thoughtful.

7. Attend events

Attending events may sound basic, but it is essential. If your pastor organises an event such as a seminar, classes, dinner for couples, etc., ensure that you attend.

The main reason for gifting your pastor is motivating and appreciating his efforts. Attending the events also shows that you appreciate his efforts. Events planning requires a lot of time, resources, and energy.

You should, therefore, attend to appreciate the effort that the pastor has made. Also, you should make an effort to participate in the pastor’s personal events that he invites you.

For instance, if he invites you to his daughter’s graduation ceremony or wedding, ensure you avail yourself.

8.Gift card

If your pastor enjoys dressing in suits, you can get him a gift card for a shop that deals in quality suits. If he is the casual kind of guy, get him a customised t-shirt with his name.

You can also give a hotel gift card. This will come in handy for the pastor when he travels.

9. Audible membership

Pastors read a lot in search of new knowledge. However, they also spend a lot of time in their cars traveling, which may deny them time to read.

As such, you can gift them an Audible membership. Thus, they will be listening to audiobooks while driving, working out, and so on. They could also listen to sermons from their favorite pastors.

These are only a few suggestions on what you can get your pastor. The idea is to appreciate them for all the sacrifices and efforts that they put. You can consider other tips depending on what your pastor likes.

The essential take-home point is that gifting your pastor should be thoughtful and meaningful. Also, be sure to stay within the boundaries when choosing an ideal gift.


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