10 Interesting Gift Ideas For Ice Skaters

As any experienced ice skater will tell you, the ice doesn’t care. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of you shouldn’t too. Whether professionally or just for fun, it takes the love, support and encouragement of the whole family to make it out there on the cruel, indifferent ice.

So if you’ve got that loved one who lives and breathes ice skating, a gift to show how much you support them would really go a long way. Of course, you don’t want to get it wrong; and you’ve come to the right place. Here are ten great gift ideas for ice skaters.

10 Gift ideas for Ice Skaters

1. SFR Glitra Ice Skates

Surprise surprise, who’d have thunk it? Turns out the best gift you can get any skater is a new pair of skates. Every skater needs a fine pair of boots and blades to cut through the ice like Tony Hand or Penny Coomes. So why not make their dreams come true by grabbing a pair of SFR Glitra Ice Skates?

These white skates will make a welcomed addition to the young one’s collection. The soft fake fur lining makes for a comfortable feel while the PU leather look gives it the authenticity it demands. And as if the brilliant white exterior wasn’t enough, the sides are painted with a layer of glitter to make them stand out in the snow.

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2. Tappers and Pointers Crushed Velvet Ice Skating Dress

Ever noticed how the best figure skaters have dazzling, eye catching clothes to go with the moves? Most of the guys are over at the ice hockey rink, so we won’t bother much with them for now. But if you’ve got a girl who loves figure skating and wants to look the part, then this gift will literally fit like a charm.

This beautiful girl’s velvet skating dress by T&P has been meticulously made for both style and function. Featuring a sheer white Glimmermist turtle neck that sparkles, it’ll be easy to notice her cutting through the ice. The dress also has sleeves with a keyhole back fastener, finger loops, fully lined front, and a full skirt. The included scrunchie makes this the perfect gift for competitors.

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3. Blade Buddy Animal Ice Skate Guards

Got kids? Good, then you don’t need me to tell you how careless they can be with their equipment. It starts with damaging all their toys, breaking all their stuff, and then finally, breaking all your stuff too. Sorry to say, it doesn’t get better with age. So if you really want your kids to do something, make it fun; the more fun the better.

When it comes to ice skating, the older can at least get the importance of respecting and maintaining their skate blades. It’s the little one who just dump their shoes anywhere after they’re done that you have to worry about. Soon enough, you’ll either be buying them new skates or repairing their battered ones. Getting them these fun, animal themed skate guards will not only help keep the skates dry and safe, but also improve their longevity.

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4. Rio Roller Script Skate Bag

One of the major issues that ice skaters have to deal with is the wet conditions. Go ahead, I dare you to wear the wrong clothes or carry a standard bag to an ice rink. You’ll be dragging water everywhere you go all day long. That’s why you’ll usually see professionals with special bags built just for the ice.

So if you want to blow your friend’s or ice lover’s mind with a gift, then nothing but the Rio Roller Script Skate Bag will do. This bag makes use of a heavy duty, 600D PVC waterproof material that keeps moisture out and air vents to help dry your skates when stored inside. There’s also several internal and rear pockets, adjustable carry straps, as well as an ID window to quickly glance inside.


5. Edea 2016 Skate Spinner

Can I be honest with you? Like piano lessons, today’s breed of skating trainers can be quite expensive. Just a few classes in and you’ll be wondering if it’s worth all that green you’re paying. Well, what if I told you there was a way to train for the ice without even requiring the ice itself?

I’m talking about a gift that keeps on giving; the Edea Skate Spinner. This spinner is an off-ice training device built to stimulate the sensations and movements of an athlete on ice. It helps improve balance, orientation, posture, and agility all at the same time. And the best part is, it’s light enough to carry anywhere.

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6. Pendant necklace

When it comes to looking for a gift, jewellery is always a perfect idea. If you have a daughter whose world revolves around ice skating, a pendant necklace with the shape of skating boots would be an excellent gift idea.

You take her love for skating from the activity itself and take it to her outfit. With that, you can be sure your gift will not end up on the shelves gathering dust.

She will love having the necklace as she moves out, and it will prove her love for the game. You can include a personalised message such as “I love skating.” You can also have it customised with her name on it.

7. A note pad

A note pad

Who said that you must break the bank to get a gift for an ice skater?

Sometimes, you need to think of a simple gift that will add value to the life of the ice skater. The gift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg for it to be sentimental.

Skating is a continuous learning process. The skater is learning new tricks and moves from the coach. Just like any other learning process, it might be challenging to remember all tricks and moves learned from the coach.

A note pad is therefore essential as the skater will note down the instructions for future reference. It is a practical gift idea that you are sure they will use.

8. A water bottle

water bottle

Yes, I know this one looks like a simple idea.

But before you can brush it off, put this into consideration.

Ice skating is a demanding physical activity, just like athletics. The ice skater is, therefore, likely to sweat a lot and dehydrate. Just like in athletics, a water bottle becomes an essential piece as it helps them stay hydrated.

Ensure that the bottle has a leak-proof cover to avoid leakages. It will also be of help if it has a chug style which enables fast drinking when the skater has a few free minutes.

9. Blade guards

Are you still looking for an excellent gift idea for an ice skater during his/her birthday or anniversary? Trouble yourself no more. A pair of blade guards will make a perfect gift that you are sure the skater will appreciate.

Ask any ice skater, and they will tell you how frustrating it is dulling your blades a few moments after sharpening them. The last thing they want after sharpening the blades is to walk around on any surface that would dull the sharpened blades.

The blade guards, therefore, come in handy as they help to protect the blades when the skater is walking around.

10. Ice skating t-shirt

Ice skaters, just like footballers and athletes, love their sport a lot. Therefore, they enjoy showing off and telling the world about their love for the game.

What better way to show off the love than with a t-shirt that they can pair with their jeans as they head out for a drink with the boys. You can have the t-shirt customised with a photo of ice skates. Alternatively, you can have a message that shows their love. For instance, “I love skating.”

The ice skater will never resist the urge to put on the t-shirt at any available opportunity.