What Is A Good Gift For A Computer Geek?

Do you have a friend who is a computer geek? Have you been wanting to surprise them with a thoughtful gift on their birthday or just as an appreciation for your friendship?

What is a good gift for a computer geek? We all know computer geeks can be among the most unique people around. From unique dress codes to not wanting to be interrupted when working on a project, we can all agree they are very interesting people.

So, what gifts would you consider buying them? Below are some of the ideas.

Some gift suggestions for a computer geek

1. A laptop stand

This is one of the few basic things you could get for them. Almost all of them stay up for long interacting with computers. Consequently, they get tired or even develop back problems.

A laptop stand could be a solution for a computer geek.

This will help them work at any point on their bed without struggling. This shows you appreciate and are thinking about them.

2. Portraits

This may seem off-topic, but they are worth it. A computer geek loves interacting with techy stuff. Why not get a portrait with some computer art, coding graphics, or something of the sort?

You can’t have a portrait that does not relate to your life. Hence, you should customize one which resonates with the personal information you have of the person you intend to gift.

A couple of computer geeks don’t care a lot about portraits, but getting one like this may get them thinking twice. A custom portrait would make their working or bedroom area look cool.

3. Customised t-shirts

A customised t-shirt is another great gift for a computer geek. Nobody wants to feel pressured to wear fitting shirts doing what they love most.

You could get a t-shirt with some creative phrases or simple art to suit the person involved.

Wearing one of these makes them feel confident and helps them express themselves but in a different way.

A quick tip for this is that don’t put so many details and colours. You may do maybe some black with details of blue, this will look cool.

4. Storage devices

When I say storage devices, I mean hard disk, flash disks. Not every computer geek has money to purchase some extra storage. Getting one of these will be an excellent move for them.

Extra space for their computers will make them do their ‘thing’ with no worries. In short, they will not be limited.

However, when getting this, you may consider getting a device that has a little bit of large storage capacity. It won’t take long before one fills out all this space.

5. Computer toolkit

A gift that you’d normally get for your computer geek loved one is not the same you could get for the other (maybe with the exception of a PhD graduate… 😉 ). All these people have a different approach to computers.

One loves to repair computers, another likes to interact with computer software, maybe by building or using them. So getting the same gift might be slightly off.

A computer toolkit is perfect for one that loves to repair or interact with the hardware part. Furthermore, a kit comes with almost all the necessary tools for performing computer repairs. You might have saved someone the stress of looking for instruments they don’t have.

6. Protective glasses

When I say protective glasses, I don’t mean some heavily built glasses like the ones you see in factories. I mean glasses that may protect a computer nerd from the computer screen.

Maybe gift them some glasses that protect them from a lot of light. Spectacles will come in handy since it will reduce the chances of them having eye complications.

7. Custom mugs

Custom mugs

Here’s another gift you could get for a computer geek. A mug may seem out of place, but it could actually be a good gift. What you could do is add some details on the mug to suit the recipient.

What happens if the recipient loves the mug? They will be using it everywhere they go.

8. Unique devices

Unique devices

This could be one of the best gifts for a computer geek. Unique devices include some old school devices or the latest devices that are authentic and fun to interact with. Owning this could be what they’ve been wanting for the longest time.

Whatever gift you come up with for your computer geek loved one is a great gesture to show you appreciate them. The above ideas are to give you a few options on what you can consider.


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