5 Senses Gift Ideas For Him (Husband, Boyfriend, Fiancée)

How many times have you tried to buy the right gift for your special man and fell short?

Guys can be some of the most challenging to buy gifts for because they each have this unique taste that can go from one extreme to the other. Some guys love anything automotive but not music related, whereas other guys love books and don’t want anything to do with video games.

Rather than take a college course of trying to find the best gift ideas for him, we have taken all the guess-work out of the equation by developing the five senses technique. Simple scroll through this unique list of 5 senses gift ideas for him and you will hit one out of the park for sure.

1. SIGHT – His Favourite TV Shows

One of the reasons guys loved the series Breaking Bad was because it had a little of everything. The story line was amazing, the action was nonstop, and the thrills were unending.

How can you beat a story of a terminally ill lung cancer patient who decides to turn to a life of crime?

Walt is one of those characters guys can relate to, and you don’t know one week from the next if you are rooting for him, for his victims, or for him to finally kick the bucket. This grounding breaking series is available now on DVD from the first to the last show and everything in between.

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2. TOUCH – Soft Silk Boxers

What guy does not love the way silk feels up against his body? Now you can surprise him with his very own silk boxer shorts that will have him walking around with a smile on his face he will not be able to contain.

Not only will he love the way it feels, he will love the way he looks in those loose-fitting undergarments that drive the female of the species wild.

This amazingly cool fabric is comfortable to wear to the office or when there is work to be done in the bedroom. These boxer shorts are extremely soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable to wear as he drifts off to sleep after a long hard day at work or play.

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3. HEARING – Vintage Record Player

Every guy who loves music will tell you that nothing sounds better than music on vinyl. Now you can give him the gift he will enjoy day after day, year after year, as he hunts for the vinyl records of his youth that he can now play on his very own vintage vinyl record player.

This amazing player is belt-driven with three speeds, allowing him to play about every vinyl record ever made. There is a soft dampening control and a front facing speaker that cranks out the tunes while he is at work in the garage or kicking back in his favourite recliner after a long day of work.

This record player is simple to operate, so no need for him to even bother looking at the directions, which he won’t anyway.

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4. TASTE – Edible Body Massage Oil

What guy doesn’t love anything related to getting or giving massages. In fact, add in some snacks and you just created the perfect scenario for about 99% of the male population. So why not get him something that will taste as good as it feels?

The edible body massage oil comes in fun flavours that are the perfect gift idea for just about any guy. Although these essential oils lubricate and relax the body, he is only going to be concerned with one thing. He is either going to be licking the oil off you, or you are licking it off him, basically a win-win situation for this guy.

This is the perfect gift idea for taking that relationship to the next level and keeping that man smiling for many days and nights to come.

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5. SMELL – Gentle Beard Wash

Whether this guy has a full beard or just getting his stubble going, the right beard wash can make his life so much more comfortable.

Not only does the beard wash lubricate the hair follicles and skin below to reduce irritation and uncomfortable itching as the hair grows, it will smell and look clean to the touch.

This wash and shampoo is designed just for the beard and moustache, and the refreshing aroma will dazzle his sense of smell all day long as it will literally be right under his nose.

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