Is A Tie A Good Gift For A Boyfriend?

Have you just started dating and you want to impress your new boyfriend?

Whether you are starting dating or you have been in a relationship for long, it’s good to appreciate your boyfriend. You can do so on special occasions such as on his birthday, Father’s Day, anniversary, etc. But, is a tie a good gift for a boyfriend?

If you have just started dating, it would be hard to get a gift for someone. On one side, you want to show your boyfriend that you like and appreciate him. On the other hand, you don’t want to go so big and seem like you are taking the place of the man. It is even more complicated if the man has not given you any gift yet.

There is no shortage of gifts that you can get your boyfriend to show him love and affection. The gifts may range from electronics to wardrobe makeovers.

But the question is, is a tie a good gift for a boyfriend?

A tie as a gift for a boyfriend

A tie can be a good or bad gift for a boyfriend, depending on a variety of factors. These include:

1. The boyfriend’s personality and preferences

For some men, a tie is a no-go zone. For instance, Mike Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO, is always in a t-shirt and jeans.

As you look for a gift to give your boyfriend, you don’t want one that will end up in the suitcase or shelf and never in use. If your boyfriend doesn’t love suits or ties, there is a possibility he will never wear it even if you buy it for him.

In such a situation, a tie would not be the best idea for a boyfriend.

2. Sophistication

Some time back, a tie used to be one of the best gifts that you would give to your man. It was a fashion statement, and every man would appreciate having one.

But today, there is so much sophistication. People have gone to another level when it comes to gifts for special occasions. If it is not customised electronics, it is personalised gifts with sentimental messages and images. There are also subscriptions to movies and live shows.

As such, when you look for a gift idea today, you want a sophisticated one that will keep the relationship alive.

3. Your relationship

Gifts communicate a message that we may not put across using words. If your relationship is still new, and you have not known each other well, think about the impact of the gift.

If you give him a tie, how will he take it? how will he interpret it?

If he likes dressing up, the tie would mean you want to compliment his dressing. It also means that the tie will not end up gathering dust in the wardrobe.

Pros of a tie as a gift for your boyfriend

Is your boyfriend a businessman or a professional?
Is your boyfriend a businessman or a professional? Does he attend business meetings and meet different clients?

  • If yes, then the image is everything for him. As such, a tie as a gift would be a welcome gift as it helps to improve his wardrobe.

If you wish, you can get one that matches his favourite suit or the newest one.

  • Sometimes, men are not very concerned with gifts. All they need is love and respect. However, there is no harm to complement your efforts with something that you know he will love. Thus, a tie will show that you care about him and his image. It shows that you know what he loves.
  • When you are starting your relationship, you are not sure the direction it will take. As much as you are confident that things will turn out well, not every relationship ends up well.

If you have dated long enough and you are sure things are looking up, it’s time to prove you are serious. What better way than to show him that you are confident about his future? To confirm that you appreciate his self-esteem and plans for the future. A tie represents class and responsibility. It sends the message that you are ready to be a wife as you are concerned about his appearance and work.

  • You can customise it and match it with a pocket square to make it more sentimental.
  • A tie is not an intimidating gift. Imagine if you were to get an iPhone worth a lot of money for a man who hasn’t gotten you anything. Such a gift would be intimidating to him. Some may even see it as a challenge. However, a tie is not intimidating, but it carries a lot of sentimental value with it.


  • A tie may not work as a gift for someone who doesn’t love them.
  • A tie may not serve its purpose as a gift if you get it wrong on the material. You can get advice from a fashion advisor on the best material.

Alternatives to consider


  • You can never go wrong with a nice watch. Men love watches, and getting one for your boyfriend will be a great idea.
  • If your man loves smelling nice, you can get him his favourite cologne as a gift.
  • A subscription for a movie or a show that he loves would also be a brilliant idea.

A tie as a gift can be an excellent idea. However, it can only be excellent if it meets its purpose.

It should be not only useful but also sentimental.