5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Opera Lovers

Those who enjoy the opera are certainly a rare breed. It can be extremely challenging to shop for the opera lover in your inner circle, but help is here.

Rather than spend your hard-earned money on something they may put on the shelf and rarely get any use out of, these five gift ideas for opera lovers will certainly show them that you put some serious thought into this very unique gift. Regardless if that opera lover in your life is just getting introduced to this style of music or has seen Madam Butterfly hundreds of times, the following gift ideas will delight surely be appreciated.

Our gift ideas for opera lovers

1. Italian and English Famous Arias Book

Here is a dual language book that is the perfect accessory for any opera lover. This volume contains some of the most famous Italian arias in both Italian and English.

Not only will they love being able to interpret all the words of their favourite opera, they will fall in love with the poetry and passion of some of the most famous ever written arias in history.

There are well over 100 different arias from the best 29 operas by Mozart, Bellini, Verdi, Donizetti, and more. The arias have all been professionally translated into line-by-line versions in facing columns for easy understanding and comprehension.

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2. Classical Opera Glasses/Binoculars

It doesn’t matter how good or bad their eyesight may be, anyone who attends an opera loves the ability to zoom in and capture the passion of the actors up close and personal.

These high-quality opera glasses do just that, whether in the back row, the balcony, or off to the side of the main stage, these opera glasses will get you front and center to all the action.

These glasses will enrich any visit to the theatre and come in different colours. The fold-able bridge allows for easy storage in the case when it is time to pack up and exit the show. These opera glasses are lightweight and have powerful magnification lenses.

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3. Mozart on Vinyl

It doesn’t take an opera lover to know how great music sounds on vinyl. The introduction of the CD stripped away many of the incredible high-quality sounds that can only be enjoyed from vinyl records.

Now you can make the day of that opera lover in your life by getting them their very own Mozart on vinyl, something they will listen to and cherish a lifetime. This premier recording gives you the ability to imagine what the very first performance of the master may have sounded like.

Mozart scholar David Black leads an all-start choir and list of soloists that all contributed to this amazing piece of opera history. This multi-award winning recording is a must for the collection of anyone who loves the opera, Mozart in particular.

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4. Guide on 175 Different Operas

There is something about going to a new opera with a friend who understands the story line and can offer some insight as to what is happening and what to expect. With this guide of 175 operas, now you can give the gift that keeps on giving year after year.

This invaluable reference book includes facts about the music and the composer, detailed plot line analysis, as well as accounts of the most famous performers who were in each opera. This is the true opera lover’s companion, and will become a book that they turn to again and again as they dig deeper into the stories about the characters they have grown to love.

This book is by far the most informative and helpful to any opera enthusiast.

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5. Lady Opera Gloves

Now who doesn’t love getting all dressed up to go to the opera? This is one of the most exciting parts of going to the theatre.

If you have that opera lover in your life that has the perfect gown for the show, compliment her attire with these stunning lady’s opera gloves.

These full length dress gloves are a mark of true quality, made of the finest soft stretching satin. These ladies gloves are one size fits all and are developed with a unique secret fit technology. The manufacturer has been creating top quality gloves since 1777, a mark of a true craftsman.

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