5 Useful Gift Ideas For Knitters They Will Love

One of the biggest problems with buying gifts for knitters is that if you don’t have experience with this craft, you are going to struggle choosing the right gift idea. Those who are familiar with knitting know that there are many useful resources that can help the person just getting started or who has years experience, but where can you find that information.

Our gift ideas for knitters

Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 5 useful gift ideas for knitters that are functional and practical.

1. World’s Best Knitter Personalized Pillowcase

knitting gift ideas

Who doesn’t love something that combines their favorite hobby and a designation they are the best at something?

When you give the World’s Best Knitter pillowcase, you are telling this person they are the best at what they do and you appreciate them for it.

This is the perfect gift idea for knitters because they will proudly display it in their crafting or hobby room and keep it font and center so anyone entering the room will see it. The pillowcase can be customized with the recipients name as well as the person giving the gift.

2. Knitting Bag for Wool and Yarn Storage

knitting bag for yarn

Now here is one of those gift ideas for knitters that truly is practical. The bag is durable, strong, but lightweight.

That means they can fill it with yarn and the tools they need for the project they are working on, then take the work with them to the recreational room at their retirement center, in the car on long trips, or to a family members house during a vacation.

The bag has large enough compartments to be able to store yarn for multiple projects. The knitting bag is designed to keep the yarn from tangling, allowing just the right amount of tension so they can work effortlessly while on the go.

3. Yarn Pack of Premium Threads

premium yarn pack

Looking for a gift idea for the knitter who has everything? This premium pack of yarn comes with 8 different color yarns, 2 weaving needles, and 2 crochet hooks.

Regardless the type yarn project, there is enough here to keep them busy for quite a while. Each color can be used to complement and existing project or perfect for starting new ones. Each color is 65 yards long, made of high quality 100% acrylic.

The tools included in the set are designed to take the yarn easily, available in a beautiful array of fun colours from yellow, pink, orange, blue, purple, white, and green. Excellent quality that is easy to work with and won’t snags or break.

4. Lightweight Crochet Hook Set

crochet hook set

Want to impress that knitter in your life? This crochet hook set will allow that special someone to be able to craft for longer periods of time without the pain.

Each tool in this incredible set is designed to be comfortable, lightweight, and effective. Soft rubber handles reduce finger, wrist, or hand pain, perfect for the knitter with arthritis. The crochet needles have aluminum tips, which eliminate yarn snagging and slippage.

The tools are packed in a compact case that is ideal for travel. These hooks are perfect for the beginner to advanced knitter, and the case allows them to carry everything they need for that craft project all in one place.

5. Knitting Book

knitting book

Not everyone is an expert knitter, in fact, even the best knitters can still learn a thing or two about this fun crafting hobby. If the person you are giving this book to is still learning the ropes in knitting, they will now have all the answers at their fingertips.

The book is packed with crystal clear images, tons of designs, and plenty of instructions. For those advanced knitters, they will be able to further their skills by learning more about choosing the right yarn for weft and warp, popular colour theory, and what it takes to make a pattern literally “pop” these days.

There are instructions how to read weaving charts, weaving with beads, or tips for improving upon traditional knitting techniques.


Choose from any of these useful knitting gift ideas, you can’t go wrong with any selection. These 5 gift ideas for knitters cover everyone from the beginner to more experienced, and show that you truly care about them and their love of their crafting.