Shopping For That Perfect Gift For An Autistic Child?

Similar to shopping for a gift for any kid, shopping for an autistic child should primarily focus on something that child likes. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the right gift. The challenge here is that you want to find something they enjoy but at the same time helps to build their skills.

Autistic children tend to have their own special interests, and that is the best way to connect with their heart. The child comes first, not the age recommendation on the package. If they are developmentally able to enjoy a certain gift, then you are on the right path.

Our gift ideas for autistic children

Consider these five amazing gifts that any child on autism spectrum will enjoy and cherish:

1. The HUE Animation Studio

Many autistic children have anxiety issues and prefer being indoors to play. The HUE Animation Studio is the perfect gift idea for an autistic child because it combines education and fun, complete with a green screen, mini stage, and software with sound effects for creating exciting stop motion movies.

The possibilities are truly endless, allowing the child to channel their inner creativity and develop fun little movies on their own.

Now the child will have the ability to take those creative ideas trapped inside and release them on the stage in a real animated motion picture that will come to life before their very own eyes. This gift could spark that creativity bug inside that allows the child to better show the world what amazing talents they have.

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toy ideas for autistic children

2. Snug Me Super-Soft Blanket

Many autistic kids have issues with their clothing in general, so giving them something extra soft that they can use when they want to rest, when they want to play on, or when they just want to cosy up by the fireplace is a sure winner.

The Snug Me Super-Soft blanket is incredibly soft and quite large. It has the feel of cashmere and comes in a variety of fun colours.

This soft blanket will instantly put them in their happy place and allow them to relax in style when at home. This blanket will be enjoyed on those chilly nights or while watching those late night moves with mum and dad on the couch.

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3. Cubic Fun Capitol Washington USA 3D Puzzle

Autistic children often have very high IQs, and although some puzzles can be interesting for them, a 3D puzzle will really get them excited.

Many teens who have Asperger syndrome enjoy being pushed to their creative limits, and this Cubic Fun Capitol Washington USA 3D puzzle combines a difficult task with learning about the structural design of the most famous building in America.

This is the perfect gift for the autistic child who loves challenging games because they really need to become invested in the game to help finish completing the complicated design.

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gift ideas for kids with autism

4. The Tobar Liquid Timer

Autistic children tend to have sensory difficulties, so they enjoy gifts that are either audibly soothing or visually entertaining.

The Tobar Liquid Timer comes in several different colours and when turned upside down, little liquid drops will dance down the ramps one after another until they all meet up in the pool at the bottom. Once the timer is turned over the process start over again.

These little rolling beads can spark imagination and entertain for countless hours. The timer is perfect too for challenging the child to complete certain tasks around the house before all those beads dance their way to the bottom and the time runs out.

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5. The Home Planetarium Homestar Pro

Many teens with Asperger syndrome are fascinated by anything to do with science. Due to their high intelligence levels, the more challenging the gift, the more they are completely engaged.

With the Home Planetarium Homestar Pro, the child can bring the universe right into the safety of their home. The unit projects over 60,000 stars on to the ceiling that contain all the constellations in the Northern Hemisphere.

While the light show is absolutely thrilling, the challenge is trying to carefully locate and identify all those constellations. This item was developed by Takayuki Ohira, recognized for his work with professional planetariums.

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6. Sensory ocean waves projector

When thinking of a perfect gift for an autistic child, the sensory ocean waves projector should be top of your list. For autistic kids, falling asleep is often a challenge. So, anything to calm them down to sleep is a big plus. And this is where the sensory ocean waves projector comes in.

The projector projects some ocean lights on the ceiling of the room, and the blue ocean images on the ceiling soothe the child to sleep. The projector can also come with an option to play soothing music for the child.

7. Monster puppet

Another challenge that autism kids face is expressing their emotions. Therefore, it would help to have a toy that could help them show how they feel. A monster puppet is a perfect idea for this purpose.

As a bonus, your child gets to boost their creativity as they learn different ways to say things with their puppet.

The puppet comes with free stick eyes, antennae, ears, and suction cups. As the child plays with the puppet and tries to stick the free parts, they are able to exercise their imagination and creativity. They can tell their story and enact their emotions.

8. Sensory chewing necklace

Sensory chewing necklace

Many children with autism have challenges processing various sensory information. As such, it is not uncommon to see kids with autism caving for things related to their particular sensory needs.

For instance, an autistic child with a visual sensory need will crave for visual things and light. They will enjoy looking at lights and different colours to stimulate their senses.

Consequently, a sensory chewing necklace is a perfect gift for an autistic child with oral sensory needs. It helps the child to engage in chewing activities. Ensure the necklace is made of safe material and free from toxins.

9. Plastic scooter board

Some kids with autism seek vestibular input, and guardians have to be creative to ensure they provide mechanisms that don’t hurt them.

Spinning and rocking toys and swinging them on a hammock is among the most effective calming vestibular activities.

Similarly, a plastic scooter board is an excellent gift that will help him improve in motor skills, as well as enhance their balancing abilities.

The plastic scooter board can be used by the autistic child while sitting, or even kneeling. For durability purposes, ensure that the scooter is made of high-quality materials.

10. Sensory swing

Are you still looking for the best gift for a child living with autism? That can’t be easy.

While getting a gift for anybody is not an easy task, getting one for an autistic child is more challenging. You have to understand the child’s sensory needs so that the gift can be beneficial.

How about you get this sensory therapy swing?

One of the features that make the gift stand out is its versatility. You can use the swing for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Since rocking, skating and swimming are among the most effective vestibular activities, so you can’t go wrong with this gift.