5 Silly And Funny Gift Ideas For Secret Santa Parties

This year you don’t have to stress over looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift because all the hard work has been done for you. If you want to be the star of the office party and show your colleagues you have a flair for creativity, consider the following great gift ideas to give to those you work with all year long.

Here are 5 unique, fun, wild, and silly gift ideas for Secret Santa parties that will make you the hit of the party.

1. Inflatable Perfect Man

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Every office has that one person who simply can not hold down a partner because they are too picky. Give them the gift that keeps on giving the whole year, and inflatable man.

No longer will they have to drive, eat, or watch television alone. The inflatable perfect man will listen for countless hours all about the gossip at work and never get tired of the same stories.

The perfect man will never argue, talk back, or blame you for anything. Your colleague will appreciate that no man could possibly meet their high standards, but this one might come close.

2. Upside Down Wine Glass

secret santa gifts for women

The perfect holiday gift for those lovers of everything fine in life, especially wine. This novelty win glass actually is filled at the base, so when the drinks are served it appears the wine is actually being suspended in the air.

Even after one drink the guests in the room are going to do double and triple takes wondering what in the world is going on with that glass. made from plastic, so no worries if the glass is accidentally knocked over.

Your colleague will be the life of every party when they break out their novelty upside down wine glass and serve their close friends and family.

3. Anti-Stress Boobs

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Every office has that one worker who is obsessed with boobs. Whether it is the creepy guy who can not stop staring at all the ladies in the office or the busty beauty who wears clothes three sizes too small to show off her assets.

With the Anti-Stress Boobs, they are fun to look at, great to squeeze, and actually help let off a little of that tension that builds up at work each day. Your colleagues desk should not be with a pair of plastic stress boobs, they spark up conversations, relief tension, and will make you the most popular Secret Santa gift giver at work.

Now when your colleague is having a bad day, they can sit alone at their desk and work things out by squeezing their boobs all day long.

4. Funny Coaster

funny secret santa ideas

If you have that woman at work who knows she is better than the rest of the lazy bums around her, give her the gift that lets her show of her appreciation for the female species.

This funny coaster reads, “Of course women work harder than men, they get it right the first time!” Not only does this work as a motivation aid to make sure she stays true to her word, it adds just a little class to her tiny cubical.

The durable gloss surface perfect for holding that hot or cold beverage without staining the desk. Perfect Secret Santa gift idea to get the conversation and office humor flowing.

5. Bullshit Alert Button

secret santa gift ideas for coworkers

Of all the gift ideas for Secret Santa parties, the bullshit alert button is one that will have the office rolling on the floor from today until next Christmas.

Any time an employee is late for work and has a wild excuse, hit the button. Anytime the boss demands workers stay late, soon as he is out of the room, hit the button. The person who receives this gift is going to get a ton of use out of it an will surely become the office comedian in no time flat.

Lighted bullshit button comes with 5 sayings, one more offensive than the next. Velcro backing ensures it will stay in place on your colleagues desk all year.

These five silly gift ideas for your office Secret Santa party are sure to go over big this holiday. Everyone will be lining up next year to be the recipient of your gift because this are completely out of the box thinking.