5 Gift Ideas For Dog Walkers To Make Their Walks Easier

Whether you want to appreciate your dog walker or a treat a friend who does it for a living or for fun, any one of these gifts is bound to make their walks easier and more enjoyable.

This list of gift ideas for dog walkers mostly includes practical gifts but there are a couple or so fun ones as well.

1. Sweetie Dog Treat Pouch Bag with Poop Bag Holder, Collapsible Travel Pet Bowl and Training Clicker

There is a lot packed in this gift. The main item is the stylish drawstring pouch meant for holding dog treats.

The bag has a nice black and orange styling with an adjustable shoulder strap for a universal fit. It is big enough to hold a handful of treats and a couple of toys. There is also a poop bag dispenser that works with rolls.

One of the best features is the collapsible food/water bowl. It’s a bit small but big enough for walks and trips to the park. You can also fit a small water bottle inside the bag.

For dogs that are in training, there is a clicker included.

The bag is not just for dog stuff. Two zippered pockets and a mesh pouch on the outside provide space to put your keys, smartphone and other small items.

The material used is tough enough to withstand the weather and your dog’s paws as he hunts for treats when you are out of sight.

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2. Walker Active Protective Boots

Walker Active Protective boots

While a dog’s paws may be tougher than our tender feet, they are not invincible. Dogs can get hurt or feel uncomfortable when walking on a rocky, hot or thorny path. They are also at risk of infection from small cuts and dirt.

In the winter months, the cold and salt on the road can be a serious problem.

This pair of cute dog boots protects their feet from the cold, dirt and sharp objects on the ground. They are also great for dogs with corns or those that drag their rear legs.

They are made from a breathable mesh that provides good protection while keeping your dog’s feet cool. A Velcro strap ensures a tight fit such that the boots will be comfortable even when the dog is running.

Before buying these boots, you have to figure out the ideal size for the dog who’ll be wearing them. There are 12 different size options ranging from extra small to extra-large.

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3. Petface Outdoor Paws Dog Walkers Bum Bag

If your dog walker loves the practicality of fanny bags, this is a great gift. It is a compact but highly practical bum bag with plenty of space to hold your small items along with other essential dog walker stuff like poo bags, dog medication and treats.

There are multiple compartments to organize everything neatly and make it easier to find. There’s one specifically for a phone and others where you can put keys, a water bottle and even a small umbrella.

The material is waterproof and made to withstand the outdoors. An adjustable waist strap provides a perfect fit for anyone you buy it for.

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4. Trust Me I’m A Dog-Walker Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs with funny inscriptions have always been a safe reliable gift idea. This one has the phrase “Trust Me I’m A Dog-Walker” on it with a funny dog walker cartoon underneath.

It’s a great uplifting gift for a friend or your dog walker.

The high quality sublimation print is guaranteed to last for long without fading at all. The mug itself is dishwasher friendly.


5. PetSafe Easy Walk Harness

Trying to walk a feisty dog that doesn’t want to be led can be tiring. Most leads and harnesses don’t help either. The more you try to coax the dog along, the more it pulls back. Some harnesses can even hurt the dog by choking it.

This PetSafe Easy Walk harness is designed to make it easier to lead a dog. The strap gently steers the dog to the side and allows the dog walker to take the lead. No more pulling and the dog walker doesn’t have to keep running after the dog trying to slow it down.

The best part is that it’s completely safe for the dog. No choking or gagging.

There are four adjustment points for a good fit and two quick snap buckles for easy fitting and removal.

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