5 Safe Gift Ideas For Climbers

Rock climbers are usually very picky about their gear. It’s a matter of life and death after all. But it makes buying them a gift a huge challenge. You don’t want to get something that could put them in danger or cause any kind of trouble.

But don’t give up. We have a few safe ideas that any rock climber will appreciate from practical gear pieces to more general suggestions perfect for any rock climber.

5 Gift ideas for Climbers

1. Adrenaline Addict Men’s Climbers On Rope Sports T-Shirt

A print t-shirt is the go-to safe gift for anyone regardless of their work or hobby. This one is designed specifically for climbers. It shows a line of climbers on a rope. It has a stylish crew neck design and a nice tight fit.

It comes in 8 colours including purple, red, charcoal and black. Sizes range from small to 5X Large.

This is a sports t-shirt so the material (100% polyester) is soft and highly breathable. It keeps the skin cool and quickly wicks away sweat. It’s machine washable.

Even if they won’t wear it on one of their daring outdoor adventures, it’s still something nice they can wear around the house.


2. upAgear 4 in 1 Rock Climbing or Bouldering Chalk Bag set

If you want something they can use on their adventures, this is a good choice. It has excellent customer feedback (5/5 rating on Amazon at the time of writing this) from experienced rock climbers. So you can be sure you are buying a quality and reliable item.

The chalk bag closes tightly with a drawstring to ensure the chalk doesn’t spill out. But the opening is still wide enough that anyone can comfortable put a hand in when it’s open. The outer bag lining is dust and water proof for complete protection.

The opening is reinforced with a wire rim to make sure it retains its shape. This makes it much easier and quicker to dip one’s hand inside.

There is also space for keys, phone and other small items. The chalk bag comes with free high-grip chalk ball.

The belt is adjustable for a snug fit and uses a reinforced nylon buckle to clip tightly around the waist.


3. Yoga for Climbers: Stretch, Strengthen, and Climb Higher

Climbers are always looking for ways to improve their skills. So this paperback is a perfect gift.

It details easy yoga practices that climbers can try out at home to climb higher, improve flexibility and avoid injuries. There are tips for everyone from amateur climbers who are just starting out to elite climbers with years of experience.

The book is not just on basic yoga poses and routines. It gets into the highly technical details that any climber will find very useful. This includes a great deal of information on the anatomy of the body as it relates to climbing.

It also touches on other aspects like breathing, relaxation and body control.

On the list of useful practical gifts you can give a climber, this one is right there at the top.

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4. 25KN Locking Climbing Carabiners (Set of 3)

If you are going to buy them an essential piece of gear, you want to make sure it’s the best. These climbing carabiners have an almost perfect rating from more than 50 reviews, mostly from experienced climbers.

The carabiners are made from aerospace-grade aluminium. They are super strong and tested to the highest standards. They are rust-proof making them ideal for tough outdoor weather and elements.

Despite the heavy duty design, they are conveniently light weighing just 187g each. They don’t add much weight to a climber’s gear and are easy to travel with.

Even if they don’t rock climb often, these carabiners come in handy in a wide variety of outdoor activities. They can be used for rappelling and locking harnesses.

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5. 123t Mens EAT SLEEP CLIMBERS T-shirt

This is another perfect pick for those looking for a safe gift.

The t-shirt is 100% cotton making it highly breathable and great for wicking away sweat on a hot day. It comes in a nice tight fit with 8 different size options. There are 6 colour options including red, green, blue, black and navy.

The print is high quality and won’t come off easily even after numerous washes. The t-shirt itself is machine washable.