What Is A Good Gift For Someone Going Through Chemo?

“What is a good gift for someone going through chemo?”

“My friend has been diagnosed with cancer and is going through chemo. Apart from flowers, what other gifts can I give to show him that we are together in this?”

The news that one has cancer can be stressful. The process of going through chemo makes it even harder. At such a time, it would help a cancer patient to know that they are not alone in this.

The presence and support from family and friends mean a lot to such a patient. Apart from being there physically, you can also get them a gift to show them that they are in your mind, and you sympathise with their situation.
If going through chemo is their first-time experience, the patient may not even know what he needs.

If you want to buy a gift for a patient going through chemo, we have a list of suggestions that you can choose to make their treatment more manageable.

Factors to consider before buying a gift for someone going through chemo

Consider the doctor’s instructions. For instance, doctors may suggest a special diet for someone going through chemo. The food may include vegetables, fruits, and so on. Ensure you do not buy something that the doctor has not suggested.

It would be best if you also considered the person’s personality. People react to bad news differently. Being diagnosed with cancer and going through chemo can be devastating. Thus, understand the type of person and get them a gift that will cheer them up.

Finally, be sure to have the patient’s comfort in mind. Chemo drugs can make a patient uncomfortable. Thus, it would help if you got a gift that will make them more comfortable.

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Suggested ideas for a gift


1. Silk eye mask

If someone is going through chemo, they need to relax as much as possible. They also need to get enough sleep.

In the hospital, there may be light and noise, which makes it challenging to sleep. The patient may not get enough sleep, which can be stressful.

A silk eye mask can help your loved one get a nap or have enough sleep at night. A silk mask is more comfortable than other materials. Low-quality materials can be uncomfortable to wear for a long time.

2. Loungewear

If a patient is going through chemo at home or in the hospital, they may not wear their usual clothes. They want to wear something loose, comfortable, and convenient for them.

As such, you can get them some loungewear to use, whether at home or hospital. As you buy the gift, consider how comfortable and easy it will be to wear it.

3. A good moisturiser

Chemotherapy makes the patient’s skin dry. As such, getting the patient an unscented moisturiser will go a long way in making them comfortable.

If someone is going through chemo, their sense of smell gets affected. They may not enjoy moisturisers with a fragrance. Scented moisturisers can also make the skin dry.

4. A BPA-free water bottle

water bottles

According to experts, it is vital to take a lot of water while going through chemo. Some chemo drugs have side effects that may cause dehydration in your body.

It would be best if you made it a priority to hydrate. Hydration makes the recovery process smoother. Water also helps in having healthy digestion and getting toxins out of your body.

You can, therefore, get the patient a water bottle that they can carry around. It will help them to hydrate and have a smoother recovery.

5. Meal delivery service

Even after being diagnosed with cancer, life has to go on. The patient will need to keep eating to help boost their immunity.

Instead of going through the trouble of preparing food, you can get a food delivery service for them.
But, let the patient choose for themselves what they want as chemotherapy affects their taste.

6. Audible subscription

Who does not like music?

Even though the music will not help in the actual treatment, it will help keep their spirits up.
According to a study on cancer patients, music is a therapeutic option in the treatment of cancer. It causes the patient to relax, change the mood, and be optimistic.

You can get an Audible subscription for the patient to listen to and download his type of music.
They can also listen to audiobooks.

7. House cleaning service

Cleaning a house is a daunting task, and it can be exhausting even on regular days. If one is going through chemo, they would appreciate any gesture that will help them relax more.

Help your loved one by getting them a house cleaning service. They will have one more thing out of their way, and they will relax more.

You can get a cleaning service provider online. Be cautious of the authenticity of the company to guarantee the security of the patient.

Chemotherapy can be a devastating ordeal. The chemo drugs are uncomfortable, and they come with a ton of side effects. It is, therefore, understandable not to feel okay while going through chemo.

However, getting the perfect gift for your family or friend can help them become less stressed during the chemo sessions. You can consider using the above suggestions when choosing a gift for them.

Ultimately, your gift should have a personal touch and be meaningful to make the patient feel special, even during the devastating chemotherapy.


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