What Is A Good Gift For A PhD Graduate?

What is a good gift for a PhD graduate?

Getting a PhD entails loads and loads of research, sacrificing your sleep, and spending lots of time away from your family and loved ones. When the tough process is over, it is only fair to celebrate and congratulate the graduate.

There is no shortage of ideas that you can explore to buy a gift for the graduate. You also do not have to go for the most expensive gift. An inexpensive gift that resonates well with the graduate works just fine. Below, we have a list of gift ideas that you can look into.

What to consider when getting a gift for a PhD graduate

  • Take into account your budget. You do not have to get into debts just to get a gift for someone. You can get an inexpensive gift that the graduate will still appreciate.
  • Consider also the practicability of the gift. The most challenging thing is to get a gift that will not end up collecting dust on the shelves. A practical gift that the person will be using in his/her daily activities is an excellent idea.
  • Also, put into consideration the type of person you want to give the gift. What is their personality? What do they like? What’s their favourite colour?
  • Additionally, put into consideration the kind of relationship that the two of you have. If you have a personal relationship, you can get him/her a more personal gift.

Gift ideas for a PhD. graduate

1. Money

Yes, you read that right, money.

Who doesn’t love money?

Apart from the hard work and sleepless nights, a PhD. can also be draining financially. It involves a lot of travelling and researching, all of which require finances.

As such, any graduate would appreciate some financial boost as a gift during graduation. You can make the gift more personal by including a personalised note with a congratulatory message.

2. A vacation for the graduate

A vacation for the graduate
Is there anything that would work better than this?

I doubt there is.

After years of concentrating on studying, writing a thesis, and defending it, the graduate would appreciate some time to unwind.

The good news is: it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to get a vacation for him or her. Booking a hotel in a serene environment at the beach or camping site would be a welcome idea.

With the advancement in technology, you can even book him/her an Airbnb accommodation and hire a car for the graduate to move around with.

The idea is to make the graduate relax after spending many years sacrificing their sleep and putting in a lot of hard work.

3. A doctor t-shirt

When one graduates with a PhD., they are not your ordinary Mr. and Mrs. anymore. They climb up the ladder to be called doctors. Well, not the medical doctor but a Doctor of Philosophy.

If you have a personal relationship with the graduate, you can get a t-shirt with the humorous message “not that kind of a doctor.” This recognises their title of a doctor but hilariously explains that it is not a doctor of medicine.

4. A laptop bag

A laptop bag

You don’t have to sweat it while getting a gift for a PhD. graduate. Looking for a practical gift would work miracles.

After graduating, the graduate will most probably be involved in giving lectures and teaching. Whichever responsibility they take, a laptop bag would come in handy for them. There is no way a laptop bag will end up collecting dust on the shelves. They can use it to carry and secure their laptop as well as other documents.

Ensure that the bag is made using high-quality, long-lasting material.

5. Business card holder

A PhD. holder has a wide network. He/she will be getting invitations to give lectures and seminars from time to time. Other times, they will be closing deals. As such, the graduate needs to have some beautiful business cards.

Having a beautiful business card holder is a plus. You can get one with sturdy material for durability purposes.

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6. Customised accessory

Nothing works better as a gift than a personalised accessory. It shows the recipient that they have a special place in your mind and heart. Thus, you can get the graduate a personalised gift such as a wallet, scarf, coffee mug, or pen.

You can have their title of a doctor and the name on the customised gift.

A gift for a Ph.D graduate is an excellent way of showing them appreciation and congratulating them for the milestone they have achieved. You do not have to stress out looking for a gift. A customised gift and a practical one are excellent ideas. Also, you can consider one that will help them unwind after years of hard work.


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