Is A Scrapbook A Good Gift For A Boyfriend?

Every moment you spend with your boyfriend is etched in your mind. Heck, you remember every detail about your first date, first kiss and every other ‘first’. Ladies have this superpower.

But if you’re reading this, and you want to do something special for your boyfriend (e.g. our 5 senses gift ideas); something that won’t cost you a fortune but will show your boyfriend he is loved and that you treasure every moment you spend with him, then you can make him a scrapbook.

I know you’re probably wondering, ‘is a scrapbook really a good gift for a boyfriend?’ Well, here is a quick and short answer – yes. As a matter of fact, most men have taken to the internet to express their delight, amazement and appreciation of such gifts.

Though men seem to want nothing to do with romantic and mushy things, they do appreciate and relish scrapbooks. They make men feel loved and wanted.

But here comes the tricky part. Creating a scrapbook for men can prove to be a daunting task. While girls are fond of glitter, ribbons, and tassels, men are not. Gifting a man a pink, laced and glittered scrapbook will not elicit the kind of reaction you expect. So what do you do?

Well, first, giving up is not an option. Second, you’ll need to recalibrate your thinking to come up with creative and decorative ideas that will sweep him of his feet. To help you out, below are some ideas to guide you in making a romantic yet manly scrapbook.

Pick An Emotion

This should be an easy step for you. It’s as simple as picking an emotion that defines you as a couple. This could be passion, silliness, humor, tackiness or love. The emotion you choose will act as your ‘scrapbook theme’. This means that you’ll fill up the book with quotes or inside jokes inspired by the emotion you pick. For quotes, you can channel inspiration from websites, magazines, books or movies.

Special Occasions

Relationships are laden with lots of ups and downs. There are happy moments and sad moments; really special moments and ‘just okay’ moments. These moments could be your first kiss, first date, first sunset, a moonlight walk, fight, first anniversary or anything else that’s special to you two.

Try and remember as many occasions as you can and pull up the photos you took during these special moments and occasions. You can paste these pictures on the scrapbook pages in chronological order.

In case you do not have pictures of the two of you during these moments (which is highly unlikely), you can paste any picture that reminds you of these moments. The end product will be a scrapbook showcasing your journey.

And if you’re ready to take things to the next step, you can write an endearing note on one of the last pages and finish with the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ But this is of course for those who are daring enough to reinvent the ‘proposal’ wheel and don’t mind taking the bull by its horns.


This is by far the easiest item to add to the scrapbook. Dried flowers, movie ticket, first love letter, napkins with a hidden message, gift wrapping, chocolate wrappings, dried flowers and any other sentimental item you’ve stored over the years will be perfect. It’s time to retrieve them and show your man how much all these moments and gifts meant and still mean to you.

But just so that your boyfriend follows along, leave a quick description of what each item represents. He’ll be pleasantly shocked.


You’ve spent a lot of time together. There’s no way you don’t know his favourite things. So go on and make a list of his favourites. The list could include his favourite movie, a CD with his favourite songs, the lyrics of the song you make love to, his favourite picture of you, his favourite pet, actress, colour, quote etc.

Go out of your way and challenge yourself. Include items he never thought you knew about. Collect these items and put them together in a scrapbook.


And there you have it. Some ideas to get you started on a manly scrapbook for your beloved boyfriend. You can use any design to make it eye-catching. You can download designs online. Also, visit your local stationery store for supplies to give the scrapbook some oomph.