5 Gift Ideas For Horse Lovers: Equestrian Friendly

When you have to purchase a gift for a person who loves horses, you might have a rough go at trying to find them something that is useful and from the heart. The following 5 gift ideas for horse lovers will inspire you to find the perfect gift that the recipient will appreciate for its value and the thought behind the gift. Each of these horse lover gift ideas says you took the time to carefully think about the gift you gave.

1. “I’d Rather Be Horse Riding” Novelty Apron

Funny Novelty Apron

Here is the perfect gift idea for that horse lover, it funny, it is useful, and it really allows the wearer to tell the world about their true love.

Regardless if this person loves cooking in the kitchen or is a master of the outside BBQ, this novelty apron will be something they proudly wear all year-long. Each apron is a comfortable cotton blend that is machine washable and has a cool logo of horse and rider where everyone can clearly see.

Now each time they are in the kitchen or sparking up the grill, they will proudly reach for their horse riding apron for everyone to see.

2. Handcrafted Wooden Horse Calendar

Horse Perpetual Calendar

If you are looking for the perfect gift for that horse lover who has everything, this handcrafted wooden horse calendar will provide them years of enjoyment.

Unlike calendars that are tossed at the end of the year, this wooden calendar makes use of painted blocks with numbers and months that are simply rearranged each day of the year. Perfect for guys and girls, a great way to allow this person to show their love for horses all year-long.

Comes with a cute carved horse head above the date and month, a thoughtful gift the recipient will proudly hand in their home. A great gift idea that the recipient can pass down to their children too.

3. Trotting Bronze Horse Figurine

Bronze Figurine Trotting Warmblood Horse Statue By Harriet Glen

If you are stumped to find a gift for the horse lover who has just about everything, this bronze figurine of a trotting horse will be something they cherish a lifetime.

This amazing statue can be used as a book end, placed on a mantle, or proudly displayed like a trophy in any room of the house. The bronze horse is a high-quality sculpted piece shows you really put some thought into this gift idea.

The gift recipient will consider this piece to be as beautiful as any work of art, even if it is displayed on their desk at work for all their coworkers to gaze upon each day.

4. Glass Chopping Board with Horse Image

Horse Animal Glass Chopping Board

Looking for a gift idea for that horse lover than they surly do not not already? The glass chopping board with the horse image is something that is both useful and functional.

Each time this person is cutting vegetables in the kitchen or preparing a meal, they will be reminded how much you really cared to give them the best possible gift. Stunning image of horses on the glass is beautiful enough to hang on the wall, but used here to be the artwork of a cutting board instead.

The chinchilla frosted finish is resistant to scratching, so the image will retain its beauty for years to come. This is a great gift idea they will see each time they visit the kitchen too.

5. Horse Book for Girls

For Horse-Crazy Girls Only Everything You Want to Know about Horses

Perhaps the person you are buying the horse gift for is a little girl just starting her fascination into everything horse related.

This book, “For Horse Crazy Girls Only”, has something for girl who is fascinated with horses. This book is packed with information related to all the different breeds of horses, what makes horses great pets, and all about the anatomy of the horse.

The author even goes into great lengths to discuss ideas for what are the best horse-themed movies to watch and how you can throw the ultimate in horse-themed parties. If you know a girl who loves horses, this is a book that she simply mush have this year.


These 5 gift ideas for horse lovers should cover the full spectrum of each type of horse lover out there. The gifts are going to leave this person thinking how thoughtful your gift was as they enjoy it for years to come together with their loved horse.