Do Candles Make Good Christmas Gifts?

Is a candle a good Christmas gift? Yes, it is. Here is the thing. Buying a Christmas gift for a friend or a loved one can be difficult. Some seem to have everything you would think of getting them. And others, well, you just do not know them well enough to pick a perfect gift for them.

These scenarios are common especially over Christmas when visiting family and meeting your in-laws for the first time. In such times of confusion, candles are perfect. You can opt to make the candles yourself or order them from reputable candle stores and gift stores. But whichever you choose, rest assured the recipient will love it.

As you prepare to gift your loved one, there are several things you should bear in mind. These pointers will help you personalize the candle and elevate it to a superior and personal gift.

Visit a craft store for ideas

It doesn’t make sense to gift a loved one with a bland candle. It shows you did not give it much thought. It also screams last minute and unimportant. In such cases, it’s difficult for the recipient to find value in the plain and bland gift.

Luckily, the internet is flooded with tutorials on how you can transform plain candles into unique pieces of art that everyone will fall in love with. If you aren’t the creative type, or you need a little push to stir up your creative side, you should check out different craft stores online for ideas.

These stores will also come in handy in providing you with the kits necessary to make a piece of art. More to this, they have a host of ready-made candles that can be given as gifts and used for decorative purposes. And since Christmas is right around the corner, browse through Christmas themed decorations.

Also, note that candles come in different shapes, sizes, scents, and colours. You should leverage these properties to come up with an awesome candle gift.

Consider allergies

If you plan on gifting scented candles, you need to ensure the recipient of the gift doesn’t have allergies. In the event you are not close enough to the recipient to be aware of his/her allergies, you should play it safe. Stick to light scents or no scents at all.

But if the individual you are shopping for doesn’t mind scents, try hard to match the candle scent with their personality. Some of the popular scents include pumpkin, coffee, sandalwood, and vanilla. You should probably stay away from the floral scents as people tend to have strong opinions about these.

Scented candles are loved for their aromatherapy properties. These properties have healing effects which manifest over time.

Transform the candle into a gift

Now, it’s important to note that candles aren’t complete gifts. Also, people love gifting candles for the fact that they can be put into immediate use. They can be lit and placed on the dinner table or in the bathroom.

As such, if you choose to make the candle yourself, you should transform it into a usable gift. You can do this by adding cute decorative plates or candle holders. The candle holder could be Christmas themed or have a simple design that will allow the recipient to use it all year round.

Additionally, you could throw in a candle lighter or a box of long matches. These add functionality and complete the candle gift.

Stick to a budget

Without a budget, you could easily find yourself spending a fortune on candles. Yes, with all the different candle brands available, the prices vary greatly. It’s not uncommon to come across a candle with a £100 price tag. For this reason, you should set a budget before hitting the stores.

With £20 (give or take a few pounds), you can have a complete candle gift that is thoughtful, functional and beautiful.

The same holds true for those who choose to make their own candle. Have a budget to work with. The individual ‘ingredients’ should not cost a fortune.


Candles are functional. But as pointed out, they need to be transformed into gifts. Online craft stores do the heavy lifting and offer complete candles. If you choose to make the candle yourself, you should ensure you have sufficient time to brainstorm and elevate the candle to gift status.