5 Ideas For Cool Gifts For Your Boyfriend’s Parents

When you have been going out with your boyfriend for some time, so that you could now be regarded as an “item”, when Christmas comes around, or perhaps Easter, or their birthdays, you will want to buy gifts for his parents.

The problem can be deciding what to buy, especially if you are buying a joint present. If his dad likes golf you could buy something golf related, or if his mum likes sewing you could buy something sewing related, but either way you are leaving one of them out.

Our gift ideas for boyfriends parents

Here are 5 ideas for gifts for your boyfriend’s parents (or for in-laws) that they can both enjoy.

1. Diptyque Ambre Scented Candle, 190g

This beautiful candle is French-made by a company called Dyptique, and has the scent of amber. In addition it includes scents of the woods patchouli and vetiver, with hints of aniseed, Tonka bean, cistus, incense, and spices.

At its premium price, this is no cheap candle, but is something special from which your boyfriend’s parents can both get great pleasure, and is a luxury item that most people would not buy for themselves.

It is rated as burning for up to 60 hours, so they should get many evenings of delight from it. A friend of mine who bought it actually commented “Delicious, fabulous candle. Wish they lasted forever!”

You can find the French premium candle here: Amazon discount link

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2. Ravensburger Big Ben Building 3D Puzzle, 216 Piece

This gift should give both of them some fun on a dark winter’s evening. This is a 3D jigsaw puzzle which measures 39cm in height when completed, and represents the clock tower of Big Ben – as you might have guessed. The pieces are made of strong, high quality plastic.

All the pieces are numbered on the back in case people get stuck. All in all, it is a gift that will not break the bank and can give hours of fun.

Check the price of this 3D jigsaw puzzle here: Amazon discount link

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3. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travelist

This “Travelist”, which seems to be a 21st century abbreviation for Travel List, is a guide to what Lonely Planet considers the top 500 travel destinations in the world.

All the usual sights such as the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal are included, but there are others which are unusual and off the beaten track, giving people insights into destinations that are stunning, but that they may never have considered – or even heard of.

It is excellent value for money, and can give your boyfriend’s parents many hours of enjoyment as they decide upon their next holiday destination. An ideal Christmas present, since many families consider their holidays for the following year at this time.

Lonely Planet travel book can be found here: Amazon discount link


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4. Personalised Clarendon Vintage Wooden Wine Chest Hamper

Here is something a little different. This is a bottle of fine red wine, together with a fruit spread selection, and an epicure pate and savoury biscuits, all presented in a replica vintage wooden wine chest.

The wine label will be personalised with a printed message of your choice.

This is a really perfect gift for wine lovers and in my view it represents excellent value for money. A gift that is suitable for any occasion or time of year.

Check the price of the Wine Chest Hamper here: Amazon discount link


gift ideas for boyfriends parents

5. Chemex 6-Cup Wood Neck Coffee Maker

This coffee maker has rave reviews and has been selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times. It has an hourglass shaped flask made entirely of glass together with a polished wooden collar with a leather tie. Chemex say that because it has no moving parts it will last forever – unless, of course, you drop it on the floor. This model is a 6 cup version, but it is also available in smaller and larger sizes.

Being made of glass, which is chemically inert, it cannot absorb odours or any chemical residues. You will also need to purchase some Chemex filters to go with the coffee maker, and they are not the cheapest filters available, but many people say that it makes the best flat black or white coffee that they have ever tasted.

The coffee maker is very easy to use and to clean afterwards. All that needs to be done is to remove and discard the filter, rinse out the coffee maker, and it is ready to go again.

If your boyfriend’s parents love coffee, many people are saying that they have never had a better coffee maker than this, so it would be the perfect present.

You can find the one of the best coffee makers here: Amazon discount link

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